Rebirth and promotion in the Qing Dynasty

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Although it is still suffering from minor illnesses, it is much better than going to the hospital every other day. Not long after his birthday,calcium nitrate sol, it was Grandpa's birthday. Early in the morning, the two babies were pulled up to wear their spirits. Today, Mom and Dad

Are you ***ing kidding me? Is it so easy to raise the flag? Are concubines so easy to be canonized? Don't you see that the concubine of Nala, who gave birth to the emperor's nine sons and had a good family background, is still a concubine. "Hey, so I say this is gossip!"! But if Wu Ya's concubine can really give birth to a little elder brother, maybe she can really turn over a salted fish and be spoiled. "That's more like it!"! I said that there is no such easy thing, this package to carry the flag, in addition to meritorious service and Jinshi examination, where can there be other ways, if the birth of a little elder brother can carry the flag, then this flag is too worthless. "Who said, the Tong family is not what merit is not established, there is no Jinshi in the family, people are not from the Han army is blue flag was carried into the Han army inlaid yellow flag.". You really don't say, maybe this is a new way, you see Zhao concubine.. "You don't want to die, but you dare to talk about your master.". Zhao Pin Empress made a great contribution to the rescue. I heard that there was poison on the arrow at that time. Zhao Pin Empress almost didn't survive. As for the Tong family, if you don't want to die, I still want to die. If you say that again, we will break up. It is naturally impossible to break up. I'm not just looking at the two of us talking to relieve my boredom. How dare I say this in front of other people. That's all. I know you're timid, so let's not talk about it. Anyway, during this period of time, everyone has been offended with their eyes wide open. Now the baby in their belly is precious. "Who is not an expensive pregnant woman in the palace?"? Can be really precious,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but also have to be born safely, the child or a healthy is really precious, the other that is false. …… Such words continued to circulate in the harem, in short, it was an ideological content: Concubine Wu Ya's ambition soared after she became pregnant, and she wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Zhao Pin. As one of the important supporting roles in the rumor, Nuomin said that she was competent without any pressure. Tong Fei moved faster than she had imagined. Fortunately, she was psychologically prepared before,Magnesium Sulphate producer, otherwise she would be knocked down by the rumor. Rumors say that Wu Ya's ambition skyrocketed to compete with her, although on the surface is to fight against Wu Ya, but secretly is not merciless to step on her foot, suggesting that she was born with a coat, even if the emperor raised the flag is still a humble coat. Baoyin is a slave of the bannermen, but no matter who he is, he can score points. Like Wanliuha, the coated people live no worse than those serious bannermen. Like Kangxi's nurse, the Cao and Li families, who were trusted by the emperor and had a close relationship with the emperor, not only lived better than many bannermen, but also had more power in their hands than the bannermen. In the future, the Cao and Li families in the south of the Yangtze River were simply local emperors. Nuomin is not sad for this, no wonder, with a lifetime of experience, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Nuomin is only when they can not eat grapes to say sour grapes. With more and more rumors, quantitative change caused qualitative change, the imperial concubine Tong Fei and six concubines can sit on the Diaoyutai to watch the play, but the rest of the harem can not. After all, their status is low, and they don't have much love, but they are serious Eight Banners, and if they are ridden on their heads by a wrapped slave, they will feel worse than swallowing a hundred flies. Once again, Nuomin was the first to raise the flag, and then was canonized as a concubine, playing the edge ball and telling lies with her eyes open. When the rumors spread more and more strongly, finally there was a calm concubine who could not help but start, when there was no way to get the emperor's favor in an instant, getting rid of the piece of meat in Wuya's stomach seemed to be the only choice. With a "coated halo" on his head and a "Wusu halo" on his body, Wuya naturally did not fall into the trap, which also gave gossip more room to play. Concubine Wu Ya Shi did not hit, this is definitely not everyone's means are too low, nor is Wu Ya Shi very lucky, everyone is very unlucky. The real reason is that there is someone behind the concubine Wuya!!! Who The first reaction of a lot of people is: imperial concubine. Do not blame the imperial concubine lying shot again, is really in the harem this territory dare to openly and secretly and Tong Fei against the people, only the imperial concubine, other people dare not so brazenly and Tong Fei against the dry, the most is in the dark to do little tricks, more or in the side blind heckling. If some people know that the correct answer behind will be so amazing, this matter is over, but everyone thinks that this matter is planned by some people to black the imperial concubine, now his goal has been achieved, this gossip will disappear. But the next day we received a very, very explosive news, the person behind Wuya is not the imperial concubine, but the ultimate boss in the palace, the empress Dowager. Are you dumbfounded? Is there anyone who is full of doubts and doesn't believe it? With a panicked look on his face, it's not a good thing? Both! At first, when the news broke, not many people believed it. As Nuo Min and Tong Fei said before, the empress Dowager is so proud and noble, yuan Hou Hesheli and Tong Fei's family background she did not take a fancy to, unexpectedly will support a coated slave, this Wuya is the illegitimate daughter of Sumalagu or what identity! This matter in the eyes of a little rational person that is impossible to happen, before even if it is to deal with Xiao Kangzhang queen and Dong E imperial concubine, the empress Dowager also did not use such tricks, are to let other status noble woman out of the PK, now the empress Dowager is like this, Kong Sizhen is still like this, even if it is all failed, The empress Dowager did not support the beautiful maid who served the Shunzhi Emperor to climb the bed. The empress Dowager has survived such a bitter day, and now she will use such a trick? After the emperor had already given her face and conferred upon the Empress Dowager's sister Borjigit as the first of the seven concubines? And to put it irreverently,Magnesium Oxide powder, even if the empress Dowager wants to follow the path of Kangxi's favorite concubine, this candidate will not be Wuya, there are a lot of Eight Banners ladies for her to choose.