The Story of the Rosefinch _ Maoni _ txt Novel Paradise

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Yi Tianxing only had time to scold in his heart, the whole person's eyes were black,tile trim manufacturers, the brain was like being hit by tens of millions of tons of fragrant sledgehammer, a strong dizziness into the brain, fell into the wet underground sewer.

Chen Shuping blinked his green and fishy red eyes, his eyes flashed a trace of inexplicable emotion, and his lips moved slightly, as if he were reciting some kind of incantation. His whole body was wrapped in the sky fire that erupted from Yi Tianxing's body, his hair was gradually scorched, his eyelashes were burned, and he looked like a poor bald man. But somehow, the fire of the sky was burning slowly on him, and he was not in danger of turning into braised meat for the time being. Although the voice was light, it clearly reached Yi Tianxing's ears. Yi Tianxing subconsciously tightened his arm, holding Chen Shuping's throat and sending out a terrible sound of twisted flesh and blood. The earth suddenly enlarged and became a large black, merciless and cold cement block, which rushed towards them. …… The remaining six personnel on the ground all have strong nerves and organizational discipline that ordinary people do not have. When Yi Tianxing succeeded in attacking Chen Shuping and set off a big fire in the night sky, he began to evacuate the ground in an orderly manner. The crowd had already practiced the corresponding procedures on weekdays, but in a few seconds, Qin Tong'er, who had no benefits all over his body,china tile trim, was snatched up from the bottom of the pit and lay dying on a stretcher, receiving Peiyuan's rescue from the children of the wooden door. The extermination team also began to prepare, and the commandos who were still alive also took their positions. Everyone is like a perfect machine to carry out the work at hand, but in fact, the whole mind is in the sky. The burning man as brilliant as a meteor. July Liuhuo, at this time is the cold winter. A meteor enters the earth. With an earth-shaking noise,aluminium edge trim, Yi Tianxing rushed to the hard rock at the bottom of the pit with Chen Shuping. All the people on the outer edge of the pit jumped up from the ground by the shock, and the people who were slightly shallower were bleeding from their ears and were badly injured. After the war, the tube-shaped apartment beside the playground of Jiujiang No.4 Middle School could no longer withstand such a huge earthquake. It slowly fell to the ground, covered with dust, and suddenly turned into a broken wall. The six commandos were the most powerful, barely holding their minds, and rushed to the pit with their weapons in their hands, anxiously looking down at the pit. There was no one in the pit, only a small black hole about half the size of a person. The black hole is so deep that I don't know where it leads. Lying on a stretcher, Qin Tong'er issued an order in a very weak voice: "Underground waterway." The crowd looked at him doubtfully. With his words, there was a loud noise about 100 meters outside the playground, where the ground was slightly raised by the sound, stainless tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, higher than the ground next to it, like a steamed bun. I don't know what kind of fierce struggle is taking place underground, but the ground is also arched up. Then, the cover of the underpass made of iron was constantly sprayed into the air by a strong breath. In the sound of puff, the iron cover of the underpass from the playground to the west was all shaken high and turned into black discs flying all over the night sky. The iron lid fell to the ground, smashing countless mud and clanging. From the route of the iron cover of the underground waterway, it can be clearly seen that Yi Tianxing and Chen Shuping are fighting fiercely along the sewer of Jiujiang City while escaping to the riverside. Peng! In the distance, another iron cover was blown up, and a very amazing red flame came out of the sewer. The next moment, the flames erupted from another place. So continuous, like a fireworks show, hiding countless dangerous fireworks shows. ——————————————————— In the last period of time when Yi Tianxing rushed to the ground with Chen Shuping's head under his arm, Chen Shuping was far less overbearing than he was about to make close contact with the hard ground. When Chen Shuping woke up, he said a spell. Then Yi Tianxing found that he had some wonderful changes when he was clinging to him. Chen Shuping's head gradually turned into a shadow and seemed to be swinging rapidly, just like a dog trying to dry its fur after it came out of the water. But his swing was a thousand times faster than that of a human dog, and he could not see the direction of the swing at all. Yi Tianxing only felt a slight numbness in his arm, as if he had been pecked by countless woodpeckers. Like metal fatigue, even though the power of Yi Tianxing is amazing, it is still slightly loosened by the arm of tens of millions of micro-shocks that seem to appear at the same time. After this loosening, Chen Shuping's inverted body, like slippery tofu, slipped slightly up from his elbows. Looking at the ground getting closer and closer, Yi Tianxing sighed in the bottom of his heart with some disappointment, but had no time to do anything, so he had to protect his face with his hands. Why did he want to escape his arm in the moment just now? He could only use one force, while Chen Shuping could use many forces at the same time. When his hands touched the hard and rough cement floor, Yi Tianxing finally realized this truth. "This is the same reason that Qin Tonger was defeated by Chen Shuping in the end: everyone feels different about time." A second in the eyes of ordinary people may be a long time for Chen Shuping. With only enough time for ordinary people to blink, Chen Shuping may have enough time to think and exert himself repeatedly. Chen Shuping was beaten a little confused after three consecutive blows of broken bones in high altitude, which gave Yi Tianxing a chance to control the situation. Once he came to his senses, he regained his absolute advantage in this respect in an instant. The two men crashed into the pit one after the other, and the picture of that fragment flashed by, and no one in the world could find anything strange about it. At the moment of snapping his fingers, Chen Shuping gently pressed his palm on Yi Tianxing's chest, and the whole person relaxed all his muscles, like a leaf, gently and softly attached to Yi Tianxing's body. There was a loud bang. ***, use me as a sandbag! Yi Tianxing only had time to scold in his heart, the whole person's eyes were black,tile trim manufacturers, the brain was like being hit by tens of millions of tons of fragrant sledgehammer, a strong dizziness into the brain, fell into the wet underground sewer.