Emperor Qianlong February River,

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Although it is still suffering from minor illnesses, it is much better than going to the hospital every other day. Not long after his birthday,calcium nitrate sol, it was Grandpa's birthday. Early in the morning, the two babies were pulled up to wear their spirits. Today, Mom and Dad

Qianlong nodded his head and came in without saying a word. He saw a picture of Guanyin in a fish basket hanging on the wall. Under the wall, there was a small white wood table with a few vegetarian snacks, as well as fruits such as Fuju, pineapple, apple and lychee. In the middle, there was a small copper incense burner, curling around and burning three sticks of incense. Chen sat down facing the wall, clasped his hands together, and muttered in his mouth. It's the Heart Sutra. When the Bodhisattva is practicing deep Prajna Paramita, he sees that the jade is empty and relieves all suffering. Sarira, color is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color, color is emptiness, emptiness is color.. When Qianlong saw that she was concentrating on reading, he did not disturb her. He carefully sat down on a chair by the window and examined Chen's profile under the lamp. He saw that she was wearing a lotus root pleated skirt, a white jacket with tight sleeves and short skirts, a gold thread rolling on the edge of her collar, and a dark cloud of hair that had just been bathed and hung down like a black waterfall on the skirt spread out on the ground. She was already in her thirties, with a graceful waist and slightly towering breasts. Under the pink neck lamp, the color of the tender cheeks looks like a virgin. Qianlong was lucky to have summoned her once before he left Beijing, wearing a flowerpot bottom, a cheongsam, a sweat towel, and a protruding belly. Compared with her son at the moment,Magnesium Sulphate price, it was really a difference between clouds and mud. As she thought about it, she couldn't help getting angry. She wanted to get up and play with it, but she held back. When she read it again, she coughed softly and said with a smile, "What a picture of a lady worshipping. You are so pious. Guanyin Bodhisattva is going to give you a son!" U You Shumeng uuTXt.Com Quan Wen Zi Edition Yue Du Volume IX, Chapter III ? Twenty-six Tour Palace Ye Empress Dye Serious Illness Return to Luanjia and Struggle for Full Honor Guard Chen Shi had no distractions to worship and recite the Buddha's name. When he heard Qianlong's words behind his back, his body trembled. Turning her face, she saw Qianlong leaning on the tatami chair and looking at herself with a smile. Her leering eyes were so bright that she blushed when she looked up and down. He stood up leisurely to bestow a blessing on Qianlong Yingying. With a slight sweep of his temples, he pursed his lips and whispered,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, "The maidservant didn't wear a big dress when she took a bath. It's so rude.." Master, sit down. I'll change my clothes and come back to wait on you. Then he went to the inner room. Only then did Qianlong see clearly that what she was wearing on the lower part of her body was originally a bath skirt, with only one beige tapeworm loosely tied up with a ring. With a slight movement, the two thighs of the white jade were faintly visible in the seam of the skirt, and a pair of delicate and exquisite jade toes were slightly exposed. It turned out that she was not even wearing shoes and socks. Qianlong already saw the blazing desire, where to let her go? Take a step forward and embrace her in your arms, sit on the chair, hold her shoulder in one hand, reach in from the skirt seam with the other hand, stroke her slippery jade body, slowly pinch and play with her shoulders, breasts, lower abdomen and navel, eyes and cheeks in front of her forehead.. He just kissed her passionately and called her by her nickname: "Qianer, do you miss me?" So what if you want to? My position is low, my appearance is not good, and my age is not young. "Well.." I'm here. Qian Long rubbed Chen, Magnesium Oxide powder ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, who was soft and muddy, and said with a giggle, "There are so many people, and they all have to be taken care of.." In front of these people, I still feel pity for you. Chen Shi was touched by him so that his whole body was hot and dry, and he snuggled tightly against Qianlong's broad and powerful chest. He felt that the words were hot and hard against his waist. He reached out to touch them, then drew back his hand and just chuckled: "Really?" Then I'll be satisfied. My mother said that a woman can marry the emperor, is the virtue of ancestors, can not be as greedy as ordinary women, so thirsty. Qian Long chuckled and said, "Your mother is interesting!"! What is'greedy 'and what is'thirsty'? Whatever you want to eat and drink.. Say it. After a while, Chen replied softly, "It's the first time I've been favored by the emperor.." It's been eighteen years now, and the emperor has asked me to wait on him eighty-three times, once or half a time. The emperor this word cannot answer, can have to answer again: "What ate drink to be able to give birth to an elder brother or princess to the emperor, I with respect to … …" Greedy.. Ashamed, she covered her face with her hands and said, "Don't.." Don't. I can't press it on my stomach. There are dragon seeds in it. Your Majesty planted them in the first three months. "Really, I almost forgot that it was written on the jade dish sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs!" Qian Long was so overjoyed that he turned around and blew out the lamp. A burst of clothes in the dark, then listen to the sound of cattle panting, fish and water groaning. Qianlong assumed the posture of a boy worshipping Guanyin and asked with a giggle, "Is that good?"? It's fun and happy, and it doesn't press the stomach. Yours is so tight. Chen Shi just smiled and whispered for a long time: "I'm just embarrassed." The emperor is so busy in Jiangnan that he can't take care of us. There is a saying in our village that "men move their hoes, women.." The'seam '. That's only once in five or seven days. I don't think she's enough. Last time she whispered, she said that people who had children. That size is big. What kind of medicine does she have that can shrink the size. When Qianlong heard this, he laughed in a dumb voice and said, "Size-it's really incredible to think of this word.." After a moment's cloud and rain, the two of them snuggled up to each other to rest and talk. Qian Long stroked Chen Shi like a kitten, saying that for a while the empress Sheng De's mother was admired by everyone. He also said that Nala Shi was generous and generous. He used to be a slightly jealous child, but now he may be older and experienced, and this problem has changed. He also said that the Niu Hu Lu family had always been dignified, self-respecting, diligent, and thrifty, and that the benefits of the Wang family, the Li family, and the Yan Hong Xiao Ying Lai Niang were all like family treasures. Hearing Chen's silence, he asked, "Are you asleep?" "No.". How dare the maidservant sleep when the emperor speaks? Mrs. Chen woke up in the dark and her eyes sparkled. She looked at the dark ceiling and said, "When you talk, I can't interrupt. When you ask questions, I can't refuse to answer. That's the rule.". The emperor's meaning to the root is to love me, afraid of my jealousy, afraid of me. Make'greedy '. I'm a woman myself, and I know about women. You can rest assured that I have what I should have. I don't want to think about what I shouldn't have. I have fun when I have fun. I can't live a happy life. The most important thing is to follow the points. The empresses didn't look up to me, but they didn't treat me badly. I know that I am small, just like a dog's tail grass. If I don't fight for anything, it will grow naturally when the wind blows, and it will be watered naturally when it rains. No one will take me as an enemy, and no one will humiliate me and envy me. It was as useful as it had been just now, and it passed in a flash. Love every day and spoil every night, but not necessarily cherish your grace, but also attract people in the palace to stare at like a black-eyed chicken,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but also to guard against what, live exhausted. I just want to give birth to an elder brother or a princess for the emperor, which is the blessing of the Bodhisattva. stargrace-magnesite.com