Mirror Twin Cities

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At that time, I was also blinded by lard and forgot what I had suffered in the girls' school. After pulling out the plug of the porcelain bottle,

"Shh." Yang Gongquan bluffed a big jump, hurriedly went to block his wife's mouth, listened carefully to the noise next door, and scolded in a low voice, "muddle-headed guy, you live impatiently dare to hit others?"? Do you know how powerful that Murong Childe is? Even the ghost concubine on Tianque speaks politely to him! How dare you think so? "What about the newspaper officer?" Huang Shi thought about it and continued to give advice, "saying that these two men came from Tianque today-let the government come, and we can get some reward money." "Die!" Yang Gongquan sneered, "I came all the way from Tianque with them. When the government came, they offered to me. Why didn't they arrest me too?" "Madam Huang was silent. After a while, she laughed and said," That's right, old man. Go to sleep. Yang Gongquan sighed, turned over and lay down, murmuring: "But these two people really come from a strange way, stay for a long time also afraid of causing trouble.." How can I send them on their way quickly? - "You go to sleep, and I'll stand by and wake you up when the nightmare stops." Looking at the Sheng shrinking on the couch, Murong Xiu comforted him with good words. In fact, he did not quite understand why she was so frightened, but he also saw that the Sheng was not pretending to be afraid. Uh Thank you The Sheng gave him a grateful look. I promised the ghost Ji to take care of you all the way, and also received your snow poppy-it's right to keep the promise after the deal, and you don't have to thank me. Murong Xiu smiled, took his long clothes to one side,tin beneficiation plant, put the basket on his back to his side, and looked after it with him. Ah, it seems that I have made a profit in this business. The Sheng finally relaxed his tension and smiled. Go to sleep, you are very tired these days. Murong Xiu nodded to her, and she closed her eyes with a hum. Murong Xiu, however, opened his eyes, seemed to hear something keenly,gold shaking table, stood up silently and went to the door, listening for a while, his face gradually serious. When the faint moonlight shone through the window, the young jeweler suddenly sighed softly, with an expression of "so it is" on his face. He looked out through the broken window. Behind the dark night, there was an unpredictable new continent with an unpredictable future. No one could be trusted. It's impossible to live here. Let's leave tomorrow, before people realize that they are ordinary people and want to kill. The girl had gone to sleep, her breathing was slow and steady, and the moonlight shone on her face as if there was a kind of luminous serenity-the girl who could not do anything and was greedy for treasures for a moment agreed to take her with her, which was really a loss-making business. Thinking, Murong Xiu smiled bitterly and sat down to close his eyes for a nap, but suddenly he saw the Sheng frowning in his sleep, his face showing an expression of fear, his whole body trembling, and he opened his mouth silently, but he could not cry out. Stuck again? Murong Xiu had no choice but to shake her up. After a moment, gold cil machine ,manganese beneficiation plant, the Sheng opened his eyes and pulled him in horror as last time: "That voice.." There's that voice again! He insisted on going to Jiuyi with him! "Dream, just dream." Murong Xiu patted her trembling shoulder and comforted her. Although in the arms of the rich son-in-law who was determined to fish, the Sheng was in no mood at this time, still out of breath: "No!"! It's not a dream! It's all over me! It's all over me! "Who is pestering you?" Murong Xiu looked at the pale Sheng inexplicably and asked. It. The Sheng raised his right hand in front of him and looked at the hand wrapped in layers. He was in a trance. "Damn it, I can't take it off if I put it on-that smelly hand killed me!" ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ I couldn't sleep well all night, and when I woke up the next day, the sun was already on the third pole. Murong Xiu pushed the Sheng awake, hurriedly went out, only to see the table has been neatly placed three or four kinds of side dishes, two pairs of chopsticks, two bowls of porridge. As soon as Yang Gongquan saw the two men coming out, he stood up and greeted them for breakfast. The two of them sat down after washing and gargling. The Sheng just put down his chopsticks. Murong Xiu grabbed her and glanced at her. He turned to Yang Gongquan and said, "Brother Yang, why don't you come and eat together?" "My wife and I got up early and ate early." Yang Gongquan declined with a smile. Murong Xiu secretly observed his words and expressions. Seeing that there was no unnatural color between his words, he put down his guard a little. However, he looked at the food on the table carefully. Judging from his experience in Jianghu, he could not see that he had been poisoned. Murong Xiu raised his chopsticks and tasted a little of each, making sure that they were non-toxic, and then let go of the chopsticks. Why don't you see your sister-in-law? Eating, looking around without seeing Huang, Murong Xiu asked again. Yang Gongquan rubbed his hands and smiled, saying, "The old woman said that you two had been running all the way, and your clothes were shabby. Go to the city and buy some new clothes here for you to replace, so that you don't have to wear Zhongzhou style clothes to walk in the street." "Yes, yes!" Although that Sheng tossed about in the middle of the night last night, after all, his nature was bright. As soon as he woke up, he regained his vitality and clapped his hands. "Are your clothes made of feathers?"? Very nice! I like "That Sheng." Murong Xiu took one look at her and turned to Yang Gongquan and said, "So, thank you, brother Yang and aunt-we just changed our clothes and went on our way." "Mr. Murong is leaving so soon?" Yang Gongquan froze for a moment, a little surprised. Murong Xiu nodded and said with a smile, "I have an appointment with a friend. I have to go there on time." "Oh, so, Childe is a trustworthy person, but it is not convenient to delay." Yang Gongquan did not expect the other party to stay for only one night and then leave, but it was with his mind, then just push the boat along. Just as he was speaking, the door rang, but it was Huang who came in with a bag of clothes in his arms. Hearing their words, he was a little surprised: "Stay overnight and then leave?"? How not to linger for a few more days? Murong Xiu saw that the gray-haired woman was full of guests and could figure out each other's thoughts. He sneered in his heart. However, he only said that he had made an appointment with someone and had to go to the city quickly. He insisted on leaving. Huang Shi again and again detains, can't, then have to untie the package, take out two newly bought feather clothes, must give two people to put on. Feather clothes, one big and one small, are all men's, wearing blue silk thread,mineral flotation, with gold thread embroidered on the top of a Ruyi, very delicate. The Sheng saw that he liked it, so he grabbed the small one and gestured on his body. ore-magnetic-mining.com