It's not my fault I lost my memory.

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At that time, I was also blinded by lard and forgot what I had suffered in the girls' school. After pulling out the plug of the porcelain bottle,

"The only beauty in the class, why did you come so late? You missed the wonderful opening ceremony." “80?” “80? What 80? Ran Guyi was confused. Nothing. Why are you here? I covered it up with a dry smile. I? How interesting Ran Guyi smiled carelessly, his white teeth and shining buildings were perfectly integrated, and he was getting less and less dazzling. Why are you still here? Go to check in quickly. The PE teacher was sweating and shouting at Ran Guyi. I'll go right away. Ran Guyi smiled back. Catch the ball? What the hell would that be? The top began to chirp. Who knows, there are new tricks every year, every item is full of tricks to torment people, which is like a normal sports meeting! "Since it's torture, you see there are still a lot of people participating." "It's a matter of face!"! What a fool. "Isn't that Yin Shao?" The girl got excited. Ah, it's really him. He took part in cross-country? Oh my God! This is a reserved item! The girl who explained suddenly began to cry. I'm going. Don't you cheer me up? Ran Guyi turned me unhappily. Ah! Come on! I was so absorbed in listening that I forgot there was someone standing beside me. Hehe, well, I'm going to come back with the first place and wait and see. "En." I waved and watched him leave. Attention returns to the two girls in the above dialogue. Senior sister, don't scare me. What's wrong with this cross-country? It is to stir up a hornet's nest, then to cross the mud, then to jump over the cesspool,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and finally to climb over a high wall. 555, my Yin Shao, how can I take part in this sports meeting? After listening to her story, the students sitting there all had a sad face and prayed for Yin Zhenping. And I listened, kept blaming myself, why should I say that sentence ah! Worried to look at the small figure of Yin Zhenping in the distance. There was a loud bang of the gun. The girls sitting there all craned their necks to look out,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, but they were too far away to see clearly, and they could only hear the screams from the wind. Please, don't let anything happen to him! "The men's group of the second catch has finished checking in and is ready to compete at the third stop. The men's group of the second catch has finished checking in and is ready to compete at the third stop. The women's group of third bounce has started checking in at the first stop, and the women's group has started checking in at the first stop." "Le Haoshi, it's your turn." The PE teacher pulled me up and pointed in the direction of the first stop. Oh "Le Hao Shi?"? That idiot? The project here is the most suitable for her. A girl smiled gloatingly. I took one look at her, she quickly silenced, and I hurried to the first stop. Hum, she will suffer if she drags her feet. "Well, it's great to have the support of two handsome men!" "Just." The people who support the two handsome men. I shrugged. The first stop was here. Ten people waited patiently early, and I glanced at the second stop absentmindedly. It was much closer, Blue Bottle Serum ,glass cream jars, and it was really intense! I frowned, the smell of feces is not a wave of wind blowing, the designer in the end is abnormal or neuropathy? Yin Zhenping. I'm so sorry! Will you forgive me? "Hey, stand still." I drew back the tears that were about to fall out, and looked back to see a male classmate with glasses sticking something on my back. What's that? "Number." The male classmate with glasses answered impatiently. Has the flying come yet? His thick black beard covered most of his face, and his voice was thick and gesticulating. To. Here "What are you doing in a daze?" Beard threw me a sign that said "Permit to Play." Five big red letters. The third bouncing women's group has finished checking in and is ready to compete at the fourth stop. The third bouncing women's group has finished checking in and is ready to compete at the fourth stop. The fourth Liba Shanhe men's group starts checking in at the first stop, and the fourth Liba Shanhe men's group starts checking in at the first stop. Is this the end of the record? I followed the main group and went to the fourth station. On the upper left, the students in black school uniforms were holding empty plastic bottles in their hands, knocking straight, shouting in unison, the most powerful, the most powerful, almost deafened. Also do not know this is not heckling, black school uniforms in such an area, the school representatives of the whole audience almost began to shout at the top of their voices. It's so noisy. The girl with a high ponytail next to me covered her ears with boredom. When I looked again, almost all the girls in the competition were both sad and bored, covering their ears and lowering their heads, bringing a dead silence. Attention, students. I'm going to explain the rules of the game to you now. Everyone has seen this, bouncing ball. With these words, the young male teacher picked up a medium-sized ball with a horizontal board in the middle, on which there were two buckles, which could just fix his feet. Step on the bouncing ball, cross the single-plank bridge, and then cross a pond. Whoever reaches the finish line first will be the champion. Remember that there is only one chance. If you fall off the bridge or fall in the pond, you will be disqualified. In the girls' competition, this is not a perverted event, so don't be so depressed, you should be glad! Give me a smile. Sweat first! I glanced at the girl whose chin was raised by the teacher and whose face was red. A flock of crows flew over.. "Haha, it's a joke with everyone. Who doesn't understand anything?" I looked at the single-plank bridge, and I felt cold! It's so long, it's about the width of two people side by side, and there are no handles on both sides. Teacher, if you fall off the bridge,Oil Dropper Bottle, can you climb over the bridge and go directly to the pond? "This classmate who can't see his eyes at all can't." The male teacher pulled his face and smiled at me. If you fall off the bridge, can you climb back on the bridge? "Oh, no." The young male teacher's twitching facial muscles said. Can two people work together to cross the bridge? "No." The young male teacher suddenly raised his two thick black eyebrows. What an inhuman game! If 。