The Phantom of the Other World

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At that time, I was also blinded by lard and forgot what I had suffered in the girls' school. After pulling out the plug of the porcelain bottle,

An Yi snorted and looked at a group of soldiers who were once again dark in the distance, and his eyes were full of condensation. An Yi also did not think one thousand elite soldiers can Yi Feng stay, he wants to see Yi Feng can block a few waves of attacks, soldiers for him, the important thing is to kill Yi Feng here. Yi Feng looked at the soldiers who were surrounded by him and the three princes, and their faces were gloomy and terrible. Even if Yi Feng and the three princes could barely slay these people, the fighting spirit and physical strength consumed would be extremely terrible. Besides, who knows how many people Anyi arranged to ambush them. Uncle Huang is a good means! "The third prince looked at the dark soldiers coming from the pavement, and he snorted coldly." If the third emperor's nephew is sensible, surrender! An Yi looked at Yi Feng and said lightly. Ha-ha! Surrender? Will my two brothers leave me alone if I surrender? The third prince laughed. An Yi is very clear about the struggle of the royal family, if he had not passed the abdication all over the world, so that the blue emperor is not easy to start, he will never live at this time. Now that the third emperor's nephew has made up his mind, let's try the taste of thousands of people! "That's what I mean!" The three princes were cold and proud, the fighting spirit in their bodies soared, the momentum of the whole person doubled, and the oppressed soldiers who surrounded him retreated a few steps. An Yi looked at the three princes who were still climbing their momentum, and the color of admiration in his eyes was even stronger. I'd like to see how you kill me! The three princes laughed, and the pressure on them gave people great pressure, especially the supercilious laughter of the three princes, which made the soldiers feel afraid to defeat. When Yi Feng saw that the three princes were like this,cosmetic packaging wholesale, his eyes swept to the broadsword camp that had surrounded them. The soldiers of the broadsword camp, unexpectedly no one below the human level, each holding a broadsword, thousands of people thousands of broadswords, extremely shocking eyeballs. Yi Feng took a deep breath and turned to look at the three princes. He also burst out laughing: "If you want to keep Ben Shao, I'll see how much you have to pay!"! Come on Yi Feng looked at the soldiers contemptuously, as if he were looking at some ants. Those soldiers who just fought with Yi Feng, see Yi Feng's eyes,Serum Bottle With Dropper, the heart can not help but come out of the chill, but just arrived these soldiers, did not experience that scene, one by one full of war. With a fierce light in their eyes, it was obvious that they were going to split Yi Feng. Come on Three princes with the same shout, momentum finally climbed to the peak, unexpectedly no less than the king's momentum, let these soldiers fear unceasingly. Against the army Chapter 675 "Kill!" An Yi's face was so gloomy that he gave orders to the soldiers. Kill! Thousands of people shouted in unison, it was so shocking, even the people who had been frightened by Yi Feng, one by one, once again gushed out of war, holding a pike at Yi Feng. Three princes! You were one step behind me just now, and now let's compete again! "Ha ha!"! Since Feng Shao has this pleasure, I will accompany him to the end! The three princes gave a hearty smile, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and the sword in his hand rolled with fighting spirit, waving fiercely at several soldiers in front of him. Puff.. With the three princes great energy sword, straight on a few soldiers, the seven or eight soldiers immediately vomit blood and fly out, one by one hit on the ground, no longer have the power to fight. OK When Yi Feng saw that the three princes were so powerful, he couldn't help shouting. He was also infected. His figure flashed fiercely. The slender tiger sword waved rapidly in his hands. The fierce swordsmanship brought out a cold light, without a trace of fancy. Although not as fierce as the three princes, but also full of murder under the small, in a moment, seven or eight blood flowers shot out from the throat of the soldiers. The three princes were extremely brave in every sword fight, and every time they waved it, they could always beat several people to vomit blood in an instant. Yi Feng is partial to dexterous and fierce, every time a wave brings up the blood flower. The two men went back and forth, and in a short time dozens of bodies were placed on the ground, although this was insignificant compared to the number of these soldiers. But dozens of corpses were placed in front of them, which shocked people's eyes. These soldiers also know that these two men are absolutely strong! "Kill two people, reward ten thousand gold, title of baron!" An Yi's voice once again sounded in the ears of these soldiers, which made these soldiers once again refreshed, one by one toward Yi Feng and the three princes rushed up. Yi Feng snorted and had a new understanding of Anyi's ruthlessness. Consuming his physical strength and fighting spirit with human life, they really can do it. The soul is broken and boundless. Yi Feng drank loudly, and the dementors were not retained, and they were constantly displayed. A large area attack dementor performed by a dementor, although not as powerful as an attack. But Yi Feng is a five-star dementor after all, even if the power has declined, it is not these dementors who have not even reached the rank of division can resist. A sentence of wailing constantly sounded, the sad voice soul-stirring, so that the hearts of those soldiers filled with a chill. The mastermind attacks on the spirit, far more than the flesh. The body is much more afraid. 。“ Feng Shao is a good means! The three princes were not far away from Yi Feng. Seeing Yi Feng's dementors, he immediately suppressed the momentum of these people. He laughed, and the fighting spirit in his body soared. With a wave of his hand, more than ten people vomited blood and fell to the ground. Soul broken boundless attack, so that Yi Feng within a few meters around the formation of a vacuum belt, Yi Feng took the initiative to deceive the body forward, the sword toward the soldiers attack. At the same time, Yi Feng's dementors are constantly displayed like fate. Yi Feng did not show the slightest mercy, the hand is the most ruthless move, move to take human life. Yi Feng has been regardless of the blood shot to his body, he is repeatedly waving a sword, constantly harvesting life, as if the front is not some people, but some straw. Yi Feng's dementor is the most direct way to display, huge palms constantly pressed down from the sky, soldiers so dense, simply too late to escape, huge palms pressed down, blood and flesh immediately mixed with soil,30ml dropper bottle, bloody, like hell on earth! Even these soldiers who have gone through the war, they have raised a sense of fear.