Blame me Blame me

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At that time, I was also blinded by lard and forgot what I had suffered in the girls' school. After pulling out the plug of the porcelain bottle,

Gu Yun left decisively, but left a mess for the CG team. In the eyes of the management, the problem of re-running-in of CG players is a trivial matter that can be solved, but the euphemistic withdrawal of sponsors and fewer and fewer invitations to commercial activities make Xu Jiaojiao, the manager of the CG team, very angry. According to Tian Wenbin, the young boss of the CG team, who was originally involved in the e-sports industry because of his interest, interviewed Xu Jiaojiao yesterday. It was not clear what Tian Wenbin said. Xu Jiaojiao, who could see the boss, forgot to make up and returned to the base with a face that was no longer as delicate as usual. After hanging up the phone, Liu Lu bent down to wipe the soybean milk that he had sprayed all over the floor. He was puzzled and said, "Is this brother a little worried?"? That Jiao Jiao elder sister is the manager of CG only, we are not the person of CG, what does she rely on to punish us? "Sister Jiaojiao is not as simple as you think. She doesn't have the ability to punish us alone,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, but she has the ability to find someone to punish us." Zhang Shiyu yawned, rubbed his bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep, and continued: "When CG was reorganized last year, he wanted to dig the corner of mg and sign honey to go to CG to play in the single second position. Honey disagreed. He wanted to continue playing for his old club. As a result, his old club mg inexplicably fell out and refused to renew his contract with honey." No team is willing to take him in,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, honey can only be forced to retire to do commentary, um. You don't need me to tell you who's behind it, do you? No one in the dota2 players knew that honey, a well-known single player in China, retired to be a commentator. At that time, the explanation given by honey was that he was tired of playing professionally and wanted to change his environment. Although most fans were very sorry for this, they also respected honey's choice. But no one thought that the original thing that did not set off much storm at that time was still hiding such an unbearable dark curtain. "A woman in this circle can mix like this, how on earth did she do it?" Said Liu Lu in astonishment. "I don't know how to do it, but how did Xu Jiaojiao get into this circle?" Zhang Shiyu yawned again, pointing to Gu Yun and saying, "Ask God E." "Ouch?"? Sister Jiaojiao and E God still have material? "Are you idle enough to gossip?" Gu Yun forcibly interrupted his teammates'conversation. Not only did they have no time to gossip, oil dropper bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, but Gu Yun thought that there was no gossip between him and Xu Jiaojiao. "What should we do now? We will start training in ten minutes." Carrying the captain's shelf to issue orders, Gu Yun put his mobile phone back in his pants bag, swept around the sofa, and turned to Cao Siyuan: "Where is the mobile phone?" Cao Siyuan naturally took out his mobile phone, naturally pressed the home button, naturally moved his eyes away from the dark screen, and naturally looked at Gu Yun's eyes, "It's out of power." “……” Gu Yun stood up disappointed and walked in the direction of the bathroom. Captain.. Seeing Gu Yun turn around, Cao Siyuan added, "Aren't you afraid that woman will deal with us?" Gu Yun snorted coldly, and his clear eyes showed his strength. "Now in the environment of E-sports, there is no such thing as unrecognized talent, unless you are like honey." After dropping such an ambiguous sentence, Gu Yunjing walked into the bathroom. Cao Siyuan stared at the direction of the bathroom, he did not know how Xu Jiaojiao would deal with his team, but he seemed to understand Gu Yun's words a little. Seeing that Gu Yun closed the door of the bathroom, Liu Lu went to Zhang Shiyu's side and whispered, "What is the relationship between E God and Xu Jiaojiao?"? Is it the e God's. Ex-girlfriend? Zhang Shiyu, who was trapped half to death, lost his interest in gossip when he thought that he would have to train in ten minutes. "You go and ask him!" "Boring." Liu Lu curled her lips and asked Gu Yun? He might as well be a professional player with peace of mind as Gu Yun said, and break the idea of gossip. The people in the two houses on the fifteenth floor all stayed at home and spent the weekend in peace. Jiang Xiao casually pulled the rice in the bowl while staring at a printed manuscript beside the bowl. So the kid agreed to help you hide it from his teammates? Zhang Chenrui, who had been busy in the dentist's office for a whole day, listened to Jiang Xiao's previous narration and drew a conclusion from it. Uh Right "Why should he help you if you are not a relative?" "Probably." Jiang Xiao finally moved his eyes away from the manuscript and said to Zhang Chenrui, "The crane repays his kindness."? Because of my live broadcast, Cao Siyuan was able to enter the professional circle, so he felt that I dug him out of a lot of sand. Zhang Chenrui searched the memory of Cao Siyuan from beginning to end and said disdainfully, "a kid who wants to inherit the throne will know how to repay his kindness."? Few of the founding emperors in history would treat the meritorious officials kindly after they became successful. Why don't you learn from the experience? If one day he sells you, I'll see where you go to cry! "Drop." Jiang stared at Zhang Chenrui with a smile, then reached for his mobile phone and checked the new WeChat. [Source: They are not suspicious.] Jiang Xiao looked at his cell phone and explained to Zhang Chenrui, "It's not just about repaying a debt of gratitude. The five people next door should be.." Before he had finished speaking, Jiang Xiao's cell phone shook again. [Source: But they all saw the WeChat you sent me, including the voice.] 18. Chapter 18 They all saw it. All It also includes voice.. Voice Jiang Xiao's face was flushed, her breathing was gradually cramped, and every word on WeChat was like a sharp knife poking her nerves. What are you doing? What the hell? Zhang Chenrui was puzzled and put a piece of boiled meat into the bowl in front of Jiang Xiao. Jiang Xiao put his cell phone under Zhang Chenrui's eyes and twisted his face and said,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, "Cao Siyuan didn't sell me, but.." I really want to cry for a while now. Zhang Chenrui looked at his cell phone and became more and more puzzled: "Since I didn't sell you, why did they all see the WeChat you sent him?" "Huh??" 。