Shen Nong Shen Nong

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Jingyang palace immediately busy, things suddenly no preparation, but such a big event, the house of internal affairs is not not to serve, the conferring ceremony gold book gold seal and other things of course is not the two days, but Jingyang palace immediately to hang red, get up and sit

Found that purple and insects controversy pretty big, now engaged in the vote, er, the star grass is not even a person, we do the main betrothal bar! The voting time is only about half a month, and the book is going to be finished next month. Volume 4 Chapter 32 Favorite Garbage Now the bodyguard group has become a think tank and a group of chasing girls. All kinds of ideas emerge one after another. They all come up with their own experience of chasing girls, completely forgetting that they seem to come in to buy body equipment. Send flowers. Girls like flowers. "No one in the game can compare with the flowers she planted. Her profession is Shennong, who specializes in planting flowers and grass." "Then send the equipment?" "She doesn't like to practice. It's useless to equip her." "Then send a pet. It's popular now." The bird was thoughtful and had a deep look. She has a very powerful Scorpion King. Samurai Jia remembered that when the star grass subdued the scorpion, the scorpion's tough body and the scene of her fixing a super baby in a few words, he could not help smiling gently on his face. In the dark corner, a sultry scorpion was secretly proud that he thought the man was not bad, so he decided to keep what he had overheard today. That Before a think tank finished speaking, there was a knock at the door. The shop assistant really had no patience and knocked at the door. This group of people came in for almost an hour, and there was no movement at all. You know, they also got a share. If they didn't buy anything, wouldn't he be busy in vain? "Excuse me, are you satisfied with the equipment?" Chagrin in the heart, the door is a guest, the clerk is a player, he naturally can not directly say, you buy not to buy, do not buy to go,heavy duty metal racking, how to say here is a high-level place, so he came in to speak or polite. Oh. I'm choosing now. You go out first, and I'll call you when you're ready. "The big fellow made a gesture of asking him to go out, and the clerk had no choice but to retreat." Pick the equipment first, and we'll talk about it later. Samurai armor rubbed his forehead and leaned back on the sofa. Seeing this, the bodyguard group dared not talk any more. Everyone began to choose the equipment they needed. The time of the auction house is not the time of the live auction, but the general goods are not directly auctioned. Information is produced in the screen computer, the grade point is that similar to the "menu" of a beautiful small book, as long as it is a fancy,push back racking system, directly take away the price. Some are like going to the mall to buy things, the price will be a little more expensive than outside, the advantage is not to kill pigs because you don't know the price, and there are many kinds and choices, the price is set by the owner of the consignment here. Under the supervision of the auction house, the price shall not exceed 10% of the market price. A few people just picked up some suitable things, mainly silverware. The price of gold ware is not as outrageous as it used to be. Perhaps it has been more than half a year since the game was opened. Everyone is much more rational. It is not that the price of special equipment is acceptable. The general gold ware level 3 is about 5000-10000, and level 2 is about 10000-30000. No matter how good it is, it will be auctioned on the spot. Spent 210 thousand to get everyone's equipment, and the odd clerk gave a discount to erase it. He is now smiling like Maitreya Buddha, big customers, ah, originally thought he was wrong, "a few of these equipment to deal with in our store?" He saw that the equipment that several people had changed was OK, and he made up his mind again. Well, heavy duty cantilever racks ,automated warehouse systems, what's the price? The big fellow asked. Ah, this is not for sale. Samurai looked at the garbage on the tea table. Suddenly his eyes lit up. "I know what to give her!" " "What?" Jian Ge asked curiously. He is the boldest. Send her this crap! She loves garbage! The warrior laughed and stood up. He took out the package and threw all the equipment into it. Everyone fainted! Leaving the auction house, the big fellow proposed to practice, now has passed the siege time, we also have no place to play, and later if often together, or need to cooperate, a few bodyguards are not playing together in the game at the beginning, reality and the game is still different, just think about the big fellow, he has now become a doctor, in reality he will be surgical, bandaging what. Lian Ji is mainly for everyone to run in, by the way with the boss to upgrade, of course, Samurai Armor thought they were in order to take him to Lian Ji, he is now 40 hang zero, the level is lower than the original star grass, before the online time is short, the game did not spend RMB to play, rookie he earned medicine money is difficult, then online for a long time and all day when the star grass Rare boring time to study the spell, plus he also caught a cold to Lian Ji. Now is a cold also have to go, he doesn't want to give purple than, this is the sword song has been emphasized, the guy himself is only 50, but it is repeatedly stressed that the level of bubble mm is also very important, samurai armor is not his words as a thing, but it is also good to upgrade, the mage's magic singing time and level are also related. After level 50, there is a spell refinement that can reduce the time of chanting and lengthen the time of magic, which is what he wants most. A line of people on the road to replenish good medicine, in addition to have no intention to continue to find the information of the young master, the other several are ready to go to the quarry of Xianyang, this time lianji people are less, unless the level is about to be full of 10, in order to bind more equipment, will be in the time of the siege to kill monsters. Quarry is a special place for brushing levels, there are 10 large areas, every day a sea of people, trouble to the guild is not happy to come here, is a paradise for single or small group players! "Here!" Samurai armor also came in for the first time, and when he saw ants and beetles all over the ground, as well as strange stones, he couldn't help but get goose bumps. Haha, it's all right. It's all garbage monsters, but there are a lot of them. Jiange laughed and released his No.2 baby, a big spider. As soon as the spider came out, it spun silk and wrapped up the little monsters on the ground one by one like cocoons. Everyone's experience value was 1 point. Everyone saw that Xiaoguai had been cleared away and rushed up to kill the stone monster. This monster is very suitable for swordsmen with thick skin like Jiange. Silly, you cut me down,industrial racking systems, I beat you, and the bird will be cool. There are few swordsmen in the game, and the soldiers are used as meat shields. It is rare that he has become the main player now.