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I couldn't believe the scene in front of me, but the woman's pale face, as if with endless regret, was fixed forever and never changed. She probably knew she was going to die, so she refused to leave,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, because if the mother worm in the worm keeper�

Sheng Yao knew very well in his heart that if he released those humans, their weak bodies would not be able to escape from the pool of blood that was about to explode. Even if they escaped, they would become a witness to the darkness of the vampire world, which Shangguan could not tolerate. Moreover, according to the logic of the secret police, those who escaped must also be massacred. Sheng Yao felt guilty and pity for those pale and weak eyes, but he was really tired, and he could not bear too many emotions. Sheng Yao opened his eyes slightly, looked at the cruel lines on his palm, and was silent. I appreciate Shangguan's kindness. "White-haired brother, will you stop the car?" Sheng Yao looked at the white hair that was bleeding for the Red Claw. The white-haired man looked at Shengyao unreasonably, but since Shengyao was Shangguan's trusted partner, the white-haired man didn't think much about it and shouted to the driver, "gost, stop the car." The tour bus slowly stopped by the side of the road,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and Shangguan sighed softly. The door opened, and Shengyao stepped out of the car and changed into clean clothes, which were given to him by his white hair. Shangguan looked at the small partner who had just begun to be familiar with the twist, and walked step by step into the grass beside the highway, without any nostalgia. "Good brothers, we will meet again in the future,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the world will soon change." Shangguan lay on the wet roof of the car and closed his eyes. At night, those who are forced to be lonely set foot on the road of loneliness, and those who have never been lonely watch loneliness go away. The story is just about to begin. Underpass. Fluorescent lamps flickered on and off, paper money burned in red iron baskets under grey walls covered with notices of missing persons, there was no wind, two or three pedestrians, and the blind piper played a happy tune sadly. Ashy smoke curled up from the iron basket, and the burning paper money hobbled and crawled on the ground to the feet of an energetic old dog, who looked at the paper money and stuck out his tongue foolishly. The boy in a black pullover sweater stood beside the old dog and looked at the dusty fortune-telling stall with red eyes. There was nothing but dust on the fortune-telling stand, and even the chairs had been moved. "Thank you." The young man looked at the vermilion couplet on the wall behind the fortune-telling booth and thought over and over again. A good heart hides in the sea of evil, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and it is difficult to sail a thousand miles away. A long journey to the shore, loneliness is not a long companion? Whether the words left by the old fortune-teller are words of speculation or words of comfort, the young man is grateful. The boy bowed deeply to the fortune-telling booth. The old dog's tail shook. The boy looked at the heavy bags and thought. Beauty of light and shadow. On the third day of the reopening, in the lively atmosphere of the guests' gradual return, the calloused fingers danced quickly with the guitar strings and looked contentedly at the intoxicated eyes of the audience. The lovely girl stood on the stage and grabbed the microphone, one after another. Old faces, new faces, the food on everyone's table is cold, just like before. However, the girl's eyes are a little lonely. A specially reserved small table under the stage has been displaying a "Reserved" sign for three days. The girl was worried about her beloved, worried about his safety, worried that the black coffee on the small table had never been drunk. His eyes were wet, and the sad singing taught the guests under the stage almost to tears. But. Worn-out jeans, paint-stained sneakers, a man with the most messy hair walking slowly down the stairs, his head down, but his eyes never left the girl on the stage. The man stuck out his tongue and a smiling boy came out behind him. The boy touched the neck of the old dog beside him. The old dog sat beside the wreath celebrating the opening ceremony. The girl looked at the man, then at the boy, then at the old dog. The old dog tilted his head and looked at the girl with smart eyes. Somehow, a yellowing memory appeared in the girl's mind as if it had never existed. A little boy with a big schoolbag on his back, holding a stray dog tightly, shouted happily and rushed down the slide with his eyes closed. Pupils constricted, then rapidly dilated. "Mike!" The girl shouted, and all the guests were startled by the girl's abrupt action. "Woof!" The old dog barked excitedly. The man sat in his old seat, picking up cold black coffee and smiling; the boy sat next to him, watching the twinkle-eyed girl look at him with new eyes. Tonight is a happy night. Although it will end with a farewell, it is the beginning of another journey. The girl cleared her throat, clutching the microphone with an indescribable joy in her palm, and said, "Tonight, let's do something different!" The new guests shouted loudly, the old guests immediately stopped their ears, the boss frowned, Ah Zhong hurriedly put down the dishes in his hands, and the big head dragon raised his guitar and aimed at the stage floor. The man and the boy smiled at each other. Where to start and where to end. 「Let's Rock!」 The girl shouted happily. Atomic bomb,304 stainless steel wire, so on the small stage of light and shadow beauty, explode again! The first part of Undercover is over, but the touching story will never end. "Sorry." 。 sxthsteel.com