Good Death

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The Lord of Time was very sad, very sad, especially when he searched the whole world, but still could not find the trace of Mansa. In desperation, he turned to the rest of his brothers for help and complaint,Lamella Plate Settler, and then blurted out how he had worked out how to imprison

Blood Skeleton sighed: "Five years of struggle, the loss of nearly half of the hands overnight, all blame me ah!"! If we had been more careful and made more arrangements in advance, this would not have happened. "Colonel Blood," said Mulatz, "I think so. The brothers of your regiment are tired, too. Let's camp here today. We'll go through the mountains tomorrow." Blood Skeleton shook his head and said, "Thank you, President Mu, but as a mercenary, we must complete the task entrusted by our employer as soon as possible. This is our responsibility." He shouted at the top of his voice, "All the brothers of the Skeleton Mercenary Regiment who can still stand up obey the order and set out immediately to cross the Tianjin Mountains for a rest.". Today is the biggest loss of our mercenary regiment since its establishment. I want each of you to remember this day. The same thing must not happen again. I decided that after completing this mission, all the members of the regiment would practice penance for a year to improve their strength. The caravan moved forward again, but there were nearly six hundred people missing in the procession, and more than five hundred of them would never see the sun again tomorrow. Sitting in the carriage, Mulatz did not ride with Dumb. After fierce fighting and treatment, Xuanyue and Dumb consumed a lot. The death of the mercenary soldiers deeply shocked their hearts. Dumb sighed and said, "It seems that our strength is not enough!"! Just a few dozen Dark Demons almost ruined us. Brother, we still have a long way to go. Perhaps the dead creatures in the Mountains of Death are more terrible than the Dark Demons. We must try our best to improve our abilities before we reach the mountains. Xuanyue nodded and said, "Not only are we not strong enough,Dissolved Gas Flotation, but we are also much less experienced in combat.". When faced with enemies who are not as good as us, we can cope with them, but when we encounter enemies with similar strength, we can hardly cope with them. If, when we fought with the four skeletons that day, I used powerful magic to support you as soon as we came up, they simply could not use that heaven and earth inaction,rapid sand filters, and you would not be forced to use thunder and lightning in the end. If you come up today to summon the holy evil to fight, or come up to kill with all your strength, and then cooperate with my magic, maybe the mercenary soldiers will not die so many people. Experience is really important to us. Eldest brother, although the holy evil is a dragon, but if you encounter danger again, you'd better release it first. Dumb nodded and said, "I used to think that when I met evil forces, I would not show mercy. However, whenever I started, I had the feeling that I couldn't do it until the other side forced me to kill.". It seems that my heart is still too soft. Remembering the dead mercenary soldiers, Dumb's heart ached. Xuanyue took Dumb's big hand and said, "Brother, forget it. Don't think about it any more.". Let's practice for a while. Maybe there's any danger ahead. The two men closed their eyes and urged their different energies to breathe, Mechanical fine screen ,filter nozzle, and the carriage was filled with sacred breath. On the main peak of the Tianjin Mountains, with a loud noise, the Green King smashed the stone table in the hall into powder, and his heart was filled with murder. The seven men in black beside him all stood there quietly, and no one dared to speak. These people are the remnants of the Dark Demons. Thousands of years ago, the first Pope Shenyu did not completely destroy the dark demons, but limited their ability to reproduce. Although after so many years of recuperation, the vitality of the Dark Demons is far from recovering. In order to escape the pursuit of human beings, they can only hide in the territory of the Tianyuan clan. After nearly a thousand years of recuperation, although the number of people has not increased much, but the dark demon people with their strong physique and adaptability, the whole has been greatly improved, almost everyone in the clan is a master. For the Dark Demons, nothing is more important than numbers. However, in the process of plundering today, more than sixty people died unexpectedly, which is a very big blow to the Dark Demons. The green king's eyes flashed fiercely, the black cloth wrapped in his hands had been torn, revealing only three fingers, but long claws of his hands, black energy constantly flowing on the claws, his heart was very regretful, if he did not look down on those humans, as soon as he came up to kill Dumb or Xuanyue, and finally not almost wiped out. A man in black said tentatively, "Lord Green King, you'd better calm down.". How can we explain this to the higher authorities? The Green King said bitterly, "I didn't expect that there would be so many powerful human beings here. The blood of the clansmen will not flow in vain.". There is no value here. Kill all the remaining bandits. We will go back to the headquarters immediately. The religious leader and the Lord of Spirit Sacrifice will make decisions for us. "But, Lord Green King," said the man in black, "the loss is so great this time. Will the religious leader blame you when he goes back?" The Green King snorted and said, "Can you blame me?"? Blame, I don't think they have the courage, after all, we green people are the lineal people of Lord Demon God. Lord Demon will be born soon. I don't think they dare to do anything to us? What's more, we green people are the backbone of the religion. Without us, the religious leader would not be able to unify the mainland. The Holy See is not so easy to get along with. The man in black said in a low voice, "Lord Green King, I think it's better to be careful. You know the power of the religious leader. He has gone beyond the scope of human beings. According to our historical records, I'm afraid the religious leader's ability is no less than that of Lord Demon God."! He doesn't seem to be human either. The Green King glared at his men and said, "Don't say that again. If the religious leader hears it, be careful of your head.". I don't know much about the church. However, I only ranked fifth among the twelve heavenly kings, and the strength of the guys in front of me was even more terrible,Belt Filter Press, not to mention.. All right, let's get rid of the bandits first. Let's go back to the headquarters immediately. It seems that only when Lord Demon comes back to the world, can we green people see the light of day again. 。