Take the magic brush to the end of the world

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This oversight was undeserved. Anli suggested that Dong Xiaohan's suspicion could not be lifted in any case, especially that she and Chen Feng must be investigated as soon as possible. That afternoon, Su Jing came to the Huanwen Mansion where Chen Feng was.

Just for the sake of colleagues, the conversation of several people came clearly to Janine's ears, "Laosan, how can you do that? You've been like this for almost a week. You don't want to go to the hospital. You have to pass the cold to us?" The man who was called the third brother wiped his nose with a piece of paper and replied vaguely, "I'm getting better soon. I'm not the only one who caught a cold. There are a few people in the gang who caught a cold. That's why I'm getting better slowly. Besides, there's nothing wrong with my body. What hospital should I go to?"? I don't have health insurance! Of course, the credibility of his words is not high, because then he tore his heart and lungs to cough, and spit a mouthful of phlegm on the ground, see him so the other three people far away from him, but also did not say anything, after all, the body is his, he himself does not want to go to the hospital, a few other people have no way is not? Of course, they do not care, does not mean that Janine does not care, with his vision can clearly see the phlegm with blood, with his mind, instantly judged that the man was infected with the flu virus. In fact, this period of time in addition to his busy wedding, was also entrusted with an important task by grandpa, paid to buy a large number of supplies sent to the uncle's military warehouse, at the same time, the world has broken out different degrees of influenza, the country has already taken seriously, and Jane grandpa's network of relationships all over the country, it is not difficult to get this information. So Janine can only speed up the finishing work at hand, I believe that after the wedding, everyone will know that Yaoxing Group has been sold to R people, but in the near future, this will not be the big news that people pay attention to! Just a week ago, Janine found that his own thunder power in his dream had awakened, and after a week of training, he had been able to master the power skillfully,7g Ozone Generator, and there was a faint feeling of promotion, but that feeling was absent, so Janine, who was bold in art, looked at the time and decided to keep up with the situation and let the group wander around the university. Of course, Janine was also glad that he was lucky enough to follow. Relying on the sensitivity of the power, several people didn't notice that there was still a person behind them. They walked straight toward the woods and went inside to find a good hiding place. Several people stopped, only to hear the third brother who caught a cold ask: "Boss, is the target really as good as the client said?"? You're not lying to us! The eldest brother was very unhappy to be questioned, because this was the third time that the third brother had asked this question. He took out his cell phone and threw it in the past. He scolded: "You ***ing take a good look at it. Is this girl on time? The pictures have been sent over. Is that still fake?"? If you don't see this girl, who will do it? Do you think she has a lot of money to make us happy? I received the full amount, and the client said that if she was satisfied with it, she would get an extra bonus. ***, is such a hot girl really cheap for us? I can't wait. "Then I rubbed my hands, full of wretched breath, which made the two people around him sick. Although they had been brothers for several years, they never played with the third brother, alumina c799 ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, because they were afraid of not coming!"! "Shit, wait for the third brother to stay away from the shooting, wait for us to finish, you come again, I don't want to lose any interest by you." The eldest brother is not like other people because of brotherhood, some words are not easy to say, he ordered directly. " Brother, when will this girl come? What's her name? Shall I go and have a look first? The second brother can't wait to see me. I was hit on the head by the eldest brother. "I think you are a sperm, a worm and a brain. What if you frighten the snake?"? Even if I tell you this girl's name is simple, how can you still tie her up? Wait here with me, someone will order her through! The third brother, who was a little depressed, saw the second brother being beaten, and his unhappy mood disappeared, but he felt a little chest tightness, breathless, and the phlegm in his throat seemed to be more, but when he thought of playing with such a beautiful girl right away, these body abnormalities were ignored in an instant. Life lies in sports, more sports, just hey hey hey! Janine looked at this group of people like looking at the dead, clenched fists and cold eyes, all told him at this time full of anger, but die like this, too cheap for you, killing "people" before the end of the world is not good, I wait for you, but don't let me wait too long! Just then, the third brother felt that he couldn't hold back the phlegm any longer and wanted to cough it up. Then suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out. The eldest brother, who was standing directly opposite him, was sprayed all over his face. He wiped it with his hand, but it was all blood. Before he could think about it, the three of them hurried around again. Because the third brother spurted blood, he fell back straight. The second brother shouted hurriedly, "What's wrong with you, third brother?" The fourth brother called an ambulance quickly. Damn, I told you to go to the hospital. If you don't go, you won't catch any disease! As soon as the words came out, the eldest brother suddenly felt that the whole person was not good. The first feeling was AIDS. He kept touching the blood splashed on his face with his hand. While stopping the fourth brother from making a phone call, he made a prompt decision: "The fourth brother, you help the third brother to go to the hospital. The second brother and I are doing this single here. When we are finished, we will go to the hospital to meet you. We collect money and do nothing. How can we Qinghe Gang gain a foothold in H City The idea was good, but the third brother, who should have been unconscious, suddenly woke up, saying that it was not entirely right to be sober, because it did not speak, but suddenly bit the neck of the fourth brother who was holding him. The fourth brother was caught off guard and was bitten. It is reasonable to say that although the bite force of human teeth is good, it is not so sharp. Unexpectedly, the third brother bit directly. The fourth brother let out a shrill howl. The eldest brother and the second brother hurried over to pull people. Unexpectedly, the third brother was too strong to pull away. He was still swallowing with his mouth full of blood, and then continued to gnaw at the fourth brother's neck. Fortunately, although this grove is not far from the auditorium, it is also remote, and generally no one will pass by. In addition, there is a welcome meeting in the auditorium today,steatite c221, and no one will come here to have a tryst. Otherwise, the howl will certainly attract people who have been there, and it will be difficult to handle at that time. global-ceramics.com