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His comrade-in-arms were still in the cowshed, where he could take care of his youngest son in the city. If his comrades-in-arms had not made a prompt decision to break off relations with his youngest son, even the youngest one could not be saved.

Binger left, Shangguan Tianyue brought him that pressure, and even Zhou Weiqing's heart was no longer so afraid of the pain of the original point. As long as his heavenly power is sufficient again, he will not hesitate to start practicing the third chapter of the Immortal Divine Skill. Continue to rush the hole. The plot is coming, heh heh. What kind of sparks will the Phili team play against the Patek team? Let's look forward to it. If you enjoy it, vote. Monthly tickets, recommended tickets, come on. (To be continued) Chapter 79 Zhou Weiqing, do you want to die? (Middle) It's another three days to go, and it's also the day when the third round of the dzi bead contest is about to begin. Today's Zhongtian Square is extremely lively, and the most discussion is today's major competition, that is, the competition between the two powerful teams from the western part of the mainland. This is also the most important battle before entering the top eight. After all, in the preliminary stage, the four seed teams will hardly make a move. And the Phili Empire and the Baida Empire are feuds. "It can be imagined that this competition must be extremely fierce.". It can even be said to be endless. In the first two rounds of the competition, only four people came to the Phili team, but today they came out in full force. In addition to Shangguan Binger, who was taken away by Shangguan Tianyue, under the leadership of Lin Tianao, Zhou Weiqing, Zuibao, Crow,warehouse pallet racks, Xiao Si, Xiao Yan and Ye Paopao came to the competition venue together. The first thing they did was to take the prize money they had bet on in the last round. Among them, Ye Paopao, who has the largest number of bets, 500,000 gold coins have become 650,000, and Zhou Weiqing's 400,shuttle rack system,000 have become 520,000. Others also have different levels of gains. The seven members of the Phili team did not hesitate to invest a total of more than one million gold coins in themselves again. This is not only because they have enough confidence in themselves, but also an incentive for themselves. Team Patek's performance in the first two rounds was also quite experienced. They gave up the match with the seed team Denton Empire. In another match, it was only two people who defeated the Kaou team that had not yet met the Phili team. Considering the national strength of the two countries, their odds are almost the same in today's game. The Phili team wins, the odds are 1.8/1, and the Baida team wins, the odds are 1.9/1. One reason why the Patek team is slightly behind is that the Phili team won the fifth place in the last competition, and another reason is that in the previous competition, the Phili team has never appeared in all its members. Just as the Phili team was betting on today's game, a team wearing a yellow uniform came over. The yellow clothes were embroidered with silver lines, and in the position of each of their chests, there was a sign like a silver pendulum. When the Phili team saw them coming, the atmosphere was filled with the smell of gunpowder almost instantly. Because "the silver camel is the symbol of the Patek Empire, just like the cross shield sword of the Phili Empire, warehouse storage racks ,push back racking system, there is no doubt that these men in yellow are the individual members of the Patek Team.". Eight men in yellow clothes came to stand in front of the Phili Empire. They also came to make a bet. The eyes of the leader fell directly on Lin Tianao. He smiled and said, "Brother Tianao, I haven't seen you for a long time. It seems that you are the captain of the Phili Team this time." The man is tall, half a head taller than Lin Tianao, but he doesn't look as thick as Lin Tianao. He has thick eyebrows and big eyes, but his lips are a little thin, giving people a mean feeling. The hands are very broad, the joints are prominent, and the body shows a very tough and sharp feeling, which is in sharp contrast to Lin Tianao's calm and restrained. "Yes," said Lin Tianao in a deep voice, "I'm the captain, Wolf Evil. I haven't seen you for a long time." When the two men raised their hands and held them tightly together, the members of the two teams, Patek and Phili, could clearly feel that the air seemed to explode in an instant, and even produced a distorted light around their palms. For three seconds, they let go at the same time as if they had a tacit understanding. On the surface, it seemed that no one had suffered losses, and their faces remained unchanged. With a smile on his face, Wolf Evil still said, "Brother Tian Ao, let's see the real chapter on the competition stage." After that, his eyes passed by all the members of the Phili team beside Lin Tian Ao. He strode to the front of the betting table and said in a deep voice, "I'll press one million gold coins, and Baida Empire will win." Zuibao approached Lin Tianao and whispered, "Boss, he's demonstrating." "He's right," said Lin Tianyao lightly. "You can see the real chapter on the stage. Let's go. Although the game has not yet started, but the smell of gunpowder on both sides has been extremely strong, when the players of both sides crossed, everyone can clearly feel the strong hostility from the other side. Of the seven members of the Phili team, only Zhou Weiqing was not a member of the Phili Empire, but at this time even he was infected by his partners. He could clearly feel that every state of the partners around him was different from usual, which could not be explained by the word "excitement". In addition to excitement, they also have a strong, each eye is a little red. Even the most calm Lin Tianao, at this time the footsteps are particularly powerful, with all the dragon and tiger steps back to the Phili team lounge. When Cai Zhou sat down, Xiao Si couldn't wait to say, "Boss, tell me what to do.". Kill them. Without any incentive at all, these people in the Phili team are already crying with excitement. Lin Tianao said in a deep voice, "I just want to tell you that in any dzi bead contest in the past, as long as we meet the Baida Empire, then there has never been a time without blood.". There will be no mercy. There are people on both sides who left their lives on the stage of the Tianzhu Competition. For the glory of the Empire, today's battle, even if we shed our last drop of blood, must not be defeated. "For the glory of the Empire." In addition to Zhou Weiqing,warehousing storage solutions, several other people shouted at the same time, and all the national teams in the lounge who were preparing for the game could clearly hear the roar here. And the Baida team and others who were walking back to their lounge naturally heard it. The evil wolf snorted coldly three times and looked up to the sky and shouted, "I will win again." The members of the Baida team who followed him also roared at the same time.