Mecha Indentured Slave "Tanbi Mecha"

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His comrade-in-arms were still in the cowshed, where he could take care of his youngest son in the city. If his comrades-in-arms had not made a prompt decision to break off relations with his youngest son, even the youngest one could not be saved.

Luo Xiaolou stared blankly for a long time and turned his eyes to the last one, the stone platform representing status. And the first two stone platform is different, inside is green grass, above is a huge hill, Luo Xiaolou frowned, the hill seems to have something. Besides, there's something moving in there. When he wanted to take a closer look, a deafening roar of strange beasts suddenly appeared in the quiet space, and Luo Xiaolou's head was spinning. When he opened his eyes again, he was back in bed. Luo [WAP. Mbook. CN] Xiaolou sweated profusely and lay on the bed. Next to him was 125 in the same position. Luo Xiaolou panted low, and the feeling of fear still lingered in his mind. It was not the pressure of the superior blood on the inferior blood. The horrible and bloody feeling made him fear, resist, resent, and with a trace of anger. Luo Xiaolou intuitively felt that it was not the cry of a strange beast at all. What is that thing? He suddenly asked aloud. The same blank voice came, "I don't know." Luo Xiaolou looked at the holy beast mecha in the strange beast world with a trembling mouth, took a few breaths, and struggled to get up again. This was probably the place where the strange beast chose to seal many years ago to preserve its people and wealth, but it was still unclear where the owner of 125 was. Still floating in the air that a small group of white fog, Luo Xiaolou slightly hesitated, gritted his teeth to attract the white fog with yuan Li. White fog blow on the face, Luo Xiaolou returned to that fantasy, but the scene is no longer the seal of Landa. Luo Xiaolou looked, and his position was on the periphery of the planet Landa. Then he went out again, taking a few steps through an unusually familiar meteorite belt. Then he stopped and made a simple gesture, and the chaotic meteorite belt suddenly burst into flames, and with the change of his gesture, the whole meteorite belt gradually lost its true appearance. Luo Xiaolou looked at all this in shock. This is the memory of the master of 125. That is to say, the person who made the meteorite belt mechanism is the master of 125. Luo Xiaolou's admiration rose in his heart. No wonder when he talked about his master, he always looked like his tail sticking up to the sky. It was simply too bad. Then, the perspective continues to change, and finally, he stops on an asteroid. Luo Xiaolou gawked at the fortresses and castles not far away. This is the planet Louis. Then, Luo Xiaolou's consciousness finally broke away from the owner of 125. In fact,asrs warehouse, he couldn't find the owner of 125 on this familiar asteroid. At that moment, he suddenly heard a cold voice, "Finally, someone can open the box? Since you can open it, maybe you can help me.". I'm Limo. Come and find me on Planet Louis. As soon as this was said, 125 shouted in a voice that was so excited that he was about to cry, "Master!" But Luo Xiaolou listened to the words with a commanding tone, but suddenly had the impulse to kneel down, he tried to restrain this strange feeling-God, this is not his subjective consciousness at all! Luo Xiaolou looked around, hoping to see the location of his master, and finally, he found that there was a huge hole right below Louis Castle, in which a white beast was curled up. Although blurred to see the appearance, but see that group of white, Luo Xiaolou's heart suddenly jumped. An indescribable feeling swept over the whole body, intimacy, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty cantilever racks, joy, excitement. Luo Xiaolou opened his mouth, and before he could say anything, suddenly a flower in front of his eyes, all the illusions disappeared, and the white fog that appeared in the box also completed its mission and disappeared without a trace. Your master is on the planet Louis, and it's so close. Luo Xiaolou murmured. Wait, since the planet Louis has this secret, is there any other purpose for the last octopus to infiltrate the castle of Louis besides the seal of Landa? Luo Xiaolou thought of this, his face changed, and he said quickly, "I think we should save your master as soon as possible, otherwise there will be a change, and it will be over." Without a sound, Luo Xiaolou turned his head and saw that he was still looking at the air with tears in his eyes. God, how on earth did its feelings develop so richly. Just then the door creaked open. yuan Xi came in with a calm face and saw the two on the big bed. He raised his eyebrows. "Why haven't you slept yet?" He went to the bed and began to undress. He came to his senses and finally realized that there was no master here, but there was a more terrible reality of the past. He smashed his mouth, put away all the small bottles on the bed, jumped up and went to his room. In the past, he took off all his clothes as if no one was watching. He lowered his head beside the bed and came over to kiss Luo Xiaolou. With a face of sweat, he frowned in disgust, muttered, and picked him up and went to the bathroom. The author has something to say: Thank you myhihas (X2), Zi Xun, Xiudou2957, scar on the tree, ggnornor (X2), Ling Xi, Xin'er bube, a civet cat, Bubu, coral reef oil, fox is the essence, Mu Mu, the moon is clear and shallow, drunk, the cat is a mi, sunny day _ Jiu'er, Asura, senia, Dongding Oolong, Viki, the mine. Thank you, Angelique. Colette Yeah, zozozo, the grenade. Thank you, fair and square, Angelique.. Colette A rocket launcher. Thank you to all the girls and gay friends who left messages and support. More and more slag, just more of a longer point, the next day more, QAQ Chapter 226 returns.. Mobile phone reading Chapter 226 returns.. Luo Xiaolou got up the next day with a sore waist and weak legs. There was no one around him. He looked at the time and twitched at the corners of his mouth. It seemed that he couldn't catch the bus today. Thinking of Master Yan, Luo Xiaolou quickly changed his clothes, washed up, and went out. At the restaurant on the first floor,cantilever racking system, Luo Xiaolou was surprised to see the original past beside the table. At the moment, he was busy on the touch-screen computer in front of him. When he saw Luo Xiaolou at the door, the original past nodded to the servant beside him. The servant greeted Luo Xiaolou with a smile and hurried out.