North to the south of the mountain

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The Lord of Time was very sad, very sad, especially when he searched the whole world, but still could not find the trace of Mansa. In desperation, he turned to the rest of his brothers for help and complaint,Lamella Plate Settler, and then blurted out how he had worked out how to imprison

My wife decided that this was the result of my not wearing a straw hat when I went to the field, and it was also the shameful end of my delicious chili. The final conclusion was: Hurry to the city to seek medical treatment! Of course I can go into town. But I'm a little afraid of the crowds and queues in the big hospitals in the city, and I'm not used to the hot and cold when air conditioners are everywhere. With a try attitude, I turned over the medical books and tried to use the indigenous method to dispel fire and detoxify. The wife had worked in a pharmacy before and knew some knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine. She quickly picked water chestnut amaranth from the yard, washed it, mashed it, and applied it to a hard lump. But this kind of grass is hard, not sticky, not close to the body, it will not take long to fall off, leak out from the edge of the gauze, scattered all over the bed. The wife went to ask the farmer nearby, changed into a kind of plough grass, washed it, mashed it, made it into sticky cakes, and applied it to the back flower to "pull out poison" and "back poison". Miracles happen like this. After only two or three days of application, the back flower had some fever and softening. After another two or three days, the lump began to shrink. In addition, I drank several bowls of water soaked with honeysuckle flowers every day, and in less than ten days, the fierce back flowers disappeared without trace. The whole treatment process is free of cost, fatigue and pain. I remember suffering from this disease when I was a teenager. From the onset of pus accumulation to the discharge of pus from the breach, a back flower consumed numerous antibiotics and analgesics,disc air diffuser, which lasted for more than 20 days. At the most serious time, the lump was as big as the mouth of a bowl, with dozens of small pus heads, such as a bright and dazzling pomegranate, which was painful, high fever and dark. Doctors also said at the time that the poison could sometimes kill people because it was close to the heart. Now the indigenous method is easy to get sick, which makes me sit up and take notice of all kinds of weeds in the yard. Plantago asiatica, Lysimachia christinae, Imperata cylindrica,wall penstocks, Lingxiao, Celosia cristata, Ophiopogon japonicus, roadside tendons, Tianbian chrysanthemum, Huangqin, morning glory seeds, perilla seeds, Houttuynia cordata (Guanyin grass).. These are just the ones that have already entered the code. There are countless people who have not been included in the code. Teacher Long's father-in-law, a native of Sanjiang, came to see his daughter and grandson. By the way, he came to my house for a walk and gave my family a field lecture, which was rich enough to be recorded as a brilliant book: It turns out that money spending is different from copper money spending. It turned out that Ji Xiaolan used amaranth soup in the Ming Dynasty and Empress Dowager Cixi used cabbage soup in the Qing Dynasty, both of which had cured serious illnesses. It turned out that every small farmyard was a garden of herbs and a free medicine box. Every herb was a medicine, and every step was a medicine. Although it could not be said to cure all diseases, it was more than enough to deal with most common diseases. There are several Schefflera arboricola in my family, which is said to be a magic herb for curing snakebite. On the way, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Rotating sludge scraper, I met Fatty Wu, a doctor who lived nearby, and asked him why he didn't give his patients more herbal medicine. Fatty is an honest man, saying that Western medicine is expensive and profitable. Besides, the fast nature of Western medicine is also in line with people's appetite for all things fast. To tell you the truth, now the doctors are all water doctors, I am also a water doctor, encounter any disease, first hang two bottles of water to say again! "If you say so, I can be such a doctor." "Yes, you can." "Does the newspaper say that there are many side effects in the abuse of antibiotics?" What do you do if everyone hangs like this? If you don't hang like this, the patient still thinks you are incompetent. No water, no bottle (flat)! The reason he did not give was that the herbs were priceless and had no market, and that the recipient, at best, recognized a favor and could never pay for it-a non-commercial tradition that would surely starve a fat man like him. That's what I learned later. Things are really strange: there are many poor people in the countryside of China, but they use Western medicine and even abuse it. However, friends in the United States have told me that some insurance companies there have taken a fancy to traditional Chinese medicine and have encouraged the practice of traditional Chinese medicine in recent years in order to save money and increase efficiency. A strange combination of circumstances has made it possible for the Chinese people to enjoy their own tradition of medicine, but it may fall to his family. A good tradition that almost all the people are doctors may be lost in one or two generations. Are we more civilized, or more barbaric and ignorant? I sent an e-mail to my friends in Tianya magazine to tell them a story about "back flowers" and suggested that they all pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine. Chickens are raised in the north of the mountain Farmers have three treasures: chickens, dogs and cats. Chicken is the first one. In the past, chickens were the oil and salt pots of ordinary farmers, and a little money for oil and salt at home was all squeezed out of the chicken's buttocks. Now the economy has improved, but the chicken is still a gift bag for ordinary farmers, to send a love or return a gift, mostly for the chicken. After moving into the cave, the farmers gradually found out where I came from and knew that I went to the countryside not because I had been punished, nor because I was mentally abnormal. Writers, probably equivalent to the former Xiucai, or Juren, also deserve their master. They were relieved, and after coming and going with my family, they often sent some melons and vegetables, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice, bacon, and sometimes three or two chickens in chemical fiber bags. As a result, my chicken pen quickly became lively. Chickens of different origins huddle together, guarding and attacking each other. One of them was big, fierce and capable, but before he could clip his wings, he flew over the fence like a bird. In the next few days, we saw him wandering and peeping around from time to time, but we couldn't catch him, so we had to let him turn into a pheasant and fulfill his ambition to be free or die. When the chickens grow up, the male and female characteristics become obvious. A rooster's head is big, his face is red, his tail is upturned, his skeleton is five big and three thick, and his feathers are colorful and shiny, especially the long feathers raised high on his tail, which make him a popular Wusheng on the stage, a colorful robe,Wall Penstocks, a golden plume and a jade belt, if he holds a snake spear or a square sky painting, he sings a section of "Dingfeng Storm" and "Changbanpo". It won't come as a surprise. Several visiting farmers also thought it was so handsome that they borrowed it home to make seeds.