Immortals also cheat

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Feast (2) "Immortals also cheat" Wangcai Cat Feast (2) In the blue sky,

Feast (2) "Immortals also cheat" Wangcai Cat Feast (2) In the blue sky, there are no clouds, only occasionally flying over a bird, which is no different from the sky of the Nine Tribes in the Fire Moon City! The dovetail lay on the roof and looked down at the humans who were busy setting the table and setting the wine, feeling a little itchy. What kind of food is placed on that small piece and cut into such small pieces! Just lie on the table and eat it for me, why bother so much. What's more troublesome is that Taotie doesn't know what he's thinking, so he's not allowed to eat people in Shaodian City! So the dovetail can only watch the pedestrians coming and going in the street swallow saliva in their stomachs, so much meat. Although the taste of cooked food is really good, but this has not gnawed people's bones for a long time, how can I always feel that the fangs seem to be out of control? The dovetail still can't understand the feeling of being a person with peeling until now! How much that must hurt! It's horrible to think about! Last night, when I met Nian Xiaoyu on the street, I was really shocked by the dovetail. I thought that human beings could also grow life beads, but it turned out to be a cut skin. As a strange race, mountain demons exist in this world. They like to eat people, but they have a deep relationship with human beings. That is, mountain demons can become human beings, which every mountain demon subconsciously knows that there is an essential difference between becoming human beings and becoming human beings. To become an adult is to become a human being, but to become a human being is to cut the skin of one's own monster, and then slowly grow human skin. Become a person can no longer change back to the original form of the mountain demon, also can not grow fangs and sharp horns, this is the nightmare of all mountain demons,liquid bottle filling machine, how can there be a mountain demon himself willing to become a person. A long time ago, there was a mountain demon who became a human being, and it was said that he had combined with human beings and had offspring. However, the mountain demon was skinned by Taotie and had no choice but to become a human being, not out of his intention. Moreover, he had not lived long, and his life span was shorter than that of human beings. He died before he and the woman's child were born. Therefore,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, no mountain demon is willing to be a man, which is equal to death for the mountain demons. So, the psychology, now is the mountain demons can not understand. In fact, what Dodo wants to know most is what happened after they entered the Fountain of Youth. Since they entered the Fountain of Youth that day, the water of the Fountain of Youth could not be drunk, and the colorful magic fruit trees on the mountain did not bear fruit, the white fog even repelled the mountain demon, and the Magic Ridge was no longer a holy place for the mountain demon. At the thought that the Fountain of Youth could not drink the colorful magic fruit and had nothing to eat, the mood of the dovetail was very bad, and the pleasure of living was less than half. Just as he was depressed, he saw Taotie coming from the backyard. He slipped down the roof and ran to the yard where he lived with Nian Xiaoyu. The red lotus of the young Xiaoyu still had the taste of the Fountain of Youth. Taotie has ordered that people are not allowed to eat in Shaodian City, and that they are not allowed to be ostentatious and gather in crowded places. So much is not allowed to come down, so that the dovetail sees Taotie to avoid, other little demons dare not go out, PET blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I really do not know what Taotie brought them to Shaodian to do. Taotie walked out of the main compound of Shaodian City and slowly approached the hangout of the demon clan. When he entered Shaodian last night, he felt the breath of sunspots. Since he had fought in the Fountain of Youth once, the special breath of sunspots had made Taotie remember deeply. He had reason to believe that there could not be another person like sunspots in the world. Therefore, this breath must be the boy who has no life beads in his body, but is more powerful than the mountain demon with life beads. Gluttonous specially took the evil spirit and wore human clothes, just like an ordinary boy, with a plain face, staring at it and feeling good-looking, but when you turn your head, you will not remember what he looks like, and everyone sees gluttonous differently. So the people who came and went did not pay attention to this boy who looked not very special, but was actually very strange. Sunspot didn't pay much attention to the boy standing by the wall when he came out of the hangar. He just stayed in the wine cellar all night. When he came out and saw the light, he felt a little dizzy, or because he drank too much wine, he felt a little fluttering when he walked. This is probably what the white fox said. He didn't feel drunk when he drank it, but he began to get drunk slowly after drinking it. So Taotie followed the sunspot all the way into the West City, the sunspot did not pay much attention, or did not care much. So into the west city chief courtyard, also no one to take care of this boy, because he is followed sunspot back, everyone agreed that gluttonous is sent by the demon clan to send sunspot back. Gluttonous heart is secretly happy, see sunspot like this, there is a chance, if the life bead in this boy's body, the body fusion, that is really invincible state, also simply do not have to participate in Kuang You said that what plunder into immortality, directly immortal! Sunspot didn't see Qiguoguo in the hall, so he jumped up to the roof to catch up on sleep, but saw the boy jump up to the roof, and the posture was similar to his own, a little surprised, when these errands were so powerful? A burst of hot and dry in my heart forced out a thin layer of sweat, and when the wind blew, I woke up a lot. Gluttonous? Sunspot was a little confused. Why did this mountain demon come back with me like this? "Yes, long time no see, sunspot." Taotie smiled and sat down beside Sunspot, who didn't seem to have changed much. Over the years of dealing with humans, Taotie has come to understand how convenient a kind smile is, which can make people lose their guard and make it much easier to do anything. Don't mind me, I'm in trouble! Sunspot glanced at him, lay down on his arm, looked at the sky, and thought of Qiguoguo, feeling particularly upset. Just now the servant said that Qiguoguo had gone out with the leader of Mingyue and Huoyuntian. He had a good time eating in the morning and had not asked about him. This little bird doesn't care about me at all! The more I think about it, the more I feel suffocated. At this time,CSD filling line, Qiguoguo was really not thinking about sunspots, and was having a good time with Nian Xiaoyu. As soon as I heard that there was a huge banquet to attend at noon and that I could eat more delicious food, I was so happy that I couldn't think of sunspots.