Floating life is like this

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You don't want to single out so many monsters? Can you?

You don't want to single out so many monsters? Can you? Shallow summer silence staring at the clown that has never seen the appearance of secretly absent, a long time to react to come over, is very worried to say, "or you want to catch the thief first catch the king, kill the Ao brothers?"? A thousand dark snow can single out so Ao Jin, you should also be able to, worry-free plus blood is very powerful, I do not know if there is a sustained rapid recovery. It doesn't matter if you don't have it. I still have a few specific medicine for you to take. You should have a chance to reach them with your skills. Don't be in a hurry. I'll look for a place where there are fewer monsters for you to rush. The words of the shallow summer silence, coupled with the clown's immovable look of arrogance, also attracted the attention of others. Originally, because ink and wash had said before that the clown was similar to the master, and the clown had so much research on the strange weapons, but also thought that he could compete with the dark snow, people were very strange about his strength, and now he was waiting excitedly for the clown to do something amazing. Faced with the expectant eyes of the crowd, the clown suddenly looked back and stared at the shallow summer silence and said, "These guys can fight with the defenders of the city gate, at least seventy levels, the number is still so much, I may rush past." "What are you doing standing still in the front?" Shallow summer silence opened his mouth, half a day to hold out such a sentence. The clown said confidently, "I didn't add agility. I can't see clearly from behind. I'm studying how many defenders they can kill and when the next wave of attacks will come." "What's your plan?" Originally wanted to see the clown with a thousand, now heard him say so,4k smart board, shallow summer silence is completely lost confidence to ask a sentence. My way? The clown blinked his eyes and looked at the shallow summer silence and said, "In this form, when the aquarium is completely destroyed, it is likely that the next wave of troops will come. Now the only thing we can do is to escape!" "Escape?" Everyone shouted the word almost at the same time, and the clown said without a pause, "Of course, you're going to run away. Didn't you see the task prompt?"? To ensure that the player's death is limited to the task, waiting for the city gate to be broken,interactive boards for classrooms, the winner or loser will come out, which is such a good thing. There are more than two days, the aquarium is not easy to win, certainly will not let go of our players, when the time comes to be killed, but will lose experience. After a while, I'm afraid there will be too many people. Now is definitely the best time. Wasted so many expressions and worries, in exchange for a clown to escape, shallow summer silence is dejected standing there, the slightest bit of spirit can not be lifted. But think carefully, if the gate here is broken, the characteristics of death will certainly disappear, escape is indeed a very reasonable choice! (3000 words above the dividing line)! Second watch! Disaster is imminent, well, it is necessary to think about it! To run or not to run? Or how to escape? Don't miss the first watch tomorrow at 9 o'clock! Continue to call for subscriptions, recommend tickets and look forward to rewards. .aishuzhe. Chapter 349 instead of killing monsters, 75 smart board ,interactive digital whiteboard, kill people. Here and preserve the strength of the pros and cons of the relationship is that everyone can see, really choose, the player will definitely choose the latter. (Read the first http://www.du8du8.com of Literature Network) Shallow summer silence is not a person who overreaches herself, she also knows that her own strength is not enough to change the current situation, escape this choice she has not thought about. It's just that everyone here can walk, but she can't. Official position plus body, she is not concerned about this honor, but since promised Cheng Yaojin, she is not willing to leave now. After all, this is the task given to her by Cheng Yaojin, in other words, it is a NPC commission, constantly accustomed to the rules of floating life, so that shallow summer silence developed the belief that she was unwilling to give up, even if she died in battle, she would not give up her commission. She knew very well that if the mission failed, even if Tang suffered more trauma, Cheng Yaojin would not blame them, and even felt that the temporary departure at the moment was the best choice, but shallow summer silence could not persuade herself to do such a thing. Infinite battle death field, because of powerlessness and forced to entrust failure, shallow summer silence can accept, any other choice for her is in vain. Make up your mind at the same time, shallow summer silence is not willing to involve people said, "clown is right, now is the best time to escape, players do not know when to come, and then delay we may even lose the opportunity to escape, you still go first." "What about you?" Everyone knows the advantages of running away, but shallow summer silence is talking about you, not including herself, the baby is stunned and confused to look at shallow summer silence. I Shallow summer silence tried to squeeze out a little smile and said, "I can't go, everyone is here because of the task, the failure of the task is equivalent to the end, you don't have to risk death here.". I'm different from you. I promised Cheng Yaojin to stay here. Even if the city gate is broken, I can't leave. Shallow summer silence has not told everyone that he has an official position, but everyone can see that shallow summer silence and the clown can not participate in the existence of the drawbacks of the battle, I am afraid to stay here because of other reasons. Now hear shallow summer silence words, people are more understand something, ink and wash slightly stagnant moment is also shallow summer silence said, "in addition to you, there are indeed a few people at the city gate, they are also left by Cheng Yaojin's trust?" "It's just their captain, and there are five of them, plus me." Do not say probably come out, the people are certainly not willing to leave, shallow summer silence is also as far as possible to give ink and wash the answer, ink and wash slightly pondered for a moment is also took her words, "Changan four gate to the east gate sergeant station as a prominent,interactive whiteboard for schools, the other garrison troops are accumulated within a hundred meters, only Cheng Yaojin involved in kilometers.". I don't know why you're here, but I can guess that you should replace him as the last defender. 。 hsdsmartboard.com