Beauty Remembers by Qi He Xiang

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Jingyang palace immediately busy, things suddenly no preparation, but such a big event, the house of internal affairs is not not to serve, the conferring ceremony gold book gold seal and other things of course is not the two days, but Jingyang palace immediately to hang red, get up and sit

The mother of His Highness the King of An and His Highness the King of Qi was naturally the focus of attention. Fang Xianfei disappeared behind closed doors, and Yang Shufei suddenly became lively here. As soon as he had said a few words, a maid of honor came in and replied, "Lady Tingxiang, please see the empress." "Look," said Yang Shufei with a smile. It's not good to say no. "Well," said Han yuandie, "you'd better see the guests. I'll go and talk to Princess Ningguo. We'll talk about it when you're free." "Well, then you go to play with Jiaoer, but don't hurry to go. I'll have dinner with you later. I still have something good for you." Yang Shufei said. She is actually a lazy person, although gave birth to a pair of treacherous imperial concubine's appearance, a pair of treacherous imperial concubine's manner, but really too lazy to do the work of the treacherous concubine, she felt that she was entrusted with the family's interests, into the palace is the main position, and gave birth to a son, promoted to the position of the concubine, even if it is good, the son also looked almost lazy, but in the end ranked longer, it is not difficult to get a throne in the future. Regardless of the prince and county king, there is hope to spend his old age in his son's mansion in the future. The son is good, the daughter-in-law is good, and the grandchildren are very good. That's enough. In this way, Yang Shufei felt that she was satisfied, not the most happy, but also passable, that is, these two days tired, the past is also good. Live one day at a time! Yang Shufei thought and sat up in the upper seat. "Please come in and talk to the Marquis of Tingxiang,asrs warehouse," she ordered. Mrs. Hou of Tingxiang sat for a moment and just said a few words of gossip. Princess Ruihua brought her own girl to pay her respects. After a while, the old lady of Cheng Anbo's family also came. Yang Shufei, with her indifferent smile, thought in her heart that she was afraid to take care of the meal today! But Yang Shufei really did not have a word in her mouth, to tell the truth, she did not know these things, and is not very reasonable, His Highness did not enter the palace, moreover, the emperor in the imperial study closed the door do not know what to discuss with the cabinet elders, a word can not be revealed,metal racking systems, and, who dares to inquire about it? The crime of spying on the holy bow is to lose one's head. What Yang Shufei did not understand was that even if she was closer to the emperor, could she know more? This matter in the court, the harem actually has slower news, right? However, think so, she is still very good at this set, shallow smile is unfathomable, speak slowly, only talk about the hot weather, see Beginning of Summer, this year's new season's Luo gauze material has two kinds of colors are good, summer or with white jade pearl jewelry light, gold is too heavy.. Wait. No one could see through what this imperial concubine knew? Prince An's mansion has changed. What has happened to His Highness the King of Qi? What changes have taken place in this palace apart from the fact that the virtuous imperial concubine has not gone out of the house? Yang Shufei thought, these people are not in a hurry to go, it is estimated that they have to take care of the meal, or send someone to prepare first, was about to order, but heard a noise outside, everyone reflexively got up to see. What's going on? Palace walking has always been light and silent, in addition to the master, metal racking systems ,medium duty racking, who dares to speak loudly? And the masters, always have posture, also naturally will not be loud, such an obvious noise, there is no doubt that there is a change. They looked out and turned to look at Yang Shufei. Yang Shufei's heart sank. She didn't know what had happened, but she didn't show it at all, as if she hadn't heard any sound. It's just that the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. No one knows what's going on. Everyone has his own suspicions in his heart. At this critical juncture, Xu Zhang, the great eunuch in charge of the Jingyang Palace, sweated on his forehead in an instant. He bowed and said, "Empress, I have a decree. Please accept it." Yang Shufei lips pursed into a straight line, quietly got up and walked out, everyone naturally retreated, desperately ears, to hear what happened at the first time. It was the great eunuch Zhang Yue, who was serving in the imperial study, who came to announce the decree. With a smile on his face, he held the imperial edict in his hand. When he saw Concubine Yang Shufei, he said, "The emperor has a decree. Concubine Yang Shufei will receive it." Concubine Yang Shufei knelt down calmly and said, "My concubine Yang respectfully listens to the imperial edict." The emperor said, Concubine Yang is a virtuous concubine by nature. She respects her superiors carefully and respectfully, and controls her subordinates generously and peacefully. She can be regarded as a model of the six palaces. She is really able to praise the internal affairs. This book for the queen, holding six palace play notes. Qin this. For a moment, there seemed to be no sound between heaven and earth, but it was just a moment that the crowd immediately reacted, and the whole Jingyang Palace boiled up. Congratulations to the empress! Zhang Yue announced the decree, handed in the imperial edict, and was no longer an imperial commissioner. He quickly said, "The maidservant is also blessed, so she has to announce this decree. The maidservant has congratulated the empress." Fortunately, Yang Shufei had been in the palace for more than twenty years, and she had already trained herself to be able to turn her heart upside down without showing any skill on her face. At this time, she was extremely surprised and could not believe it. She was still smiling calmly on her face, and could not see the slightest shock. She quickly helped Zhang Yue with her own hands and said, "This is your Majesty's blessing." He also ordered Zhang Yue to be rewarded with a red seal. All of a sudden, Xu Zhangqi, the great eunuch in charge of the Jingyang Palace, went together to congratulate Yang Shufei. The ladies who were still talking in the Jingyang Palace, no matter how surprised they were, all hurried forward to congratulate her. Princess Ruihua said with a smile, "Congratulations, Empress!"! I said I heard a magpie calling early this morning. It turned out that I was going to enter the palace because of the good fortune of the empress. Otherwise, how could I just catch up with it? "Yes!"! I never thought there would be such a big happy event today. Congratulations to the empress! Old Mrs. Cheng Anbo followed suit. No matter what you think in your heart, at least in front of you, everyone is full of good words. When Han yuandie and Princess Ningguo, who were in the back, heard the decree, both of them were surprised, but their faces were full of joy, and they hurried to the front. Han yuandie thought, "Oh, your Highness, the king of Qi, is going to be the crown prince." Jingyang palace immediately busy, things suddenly no preparation, but such a big event, the house of internal affairs is not not to serve, the conferring ceremony gold book gold seal and other things of course is not the two days, but Jingyang palace immediately to hang red, get up and sit with all kinds of equipment guard of honor, together with clothes to wear, etc., immediately according to the example of the empress to change,radio shuttle racking, but the palace has not been the queen for ten years, The original things are old and useless, and new ones must be made immediately.