What should we pay attention to when using the reactor for cooling? _ Heat transfer

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Original title: What should we pay attention to when using the reactor for cooling? When using the reactor cooling device, the user needs to pay attention to its refrigeration and heating operation, and pay attention to the operation within a reasonable temperature range, so as to avoid the reactor cooling failure caused by excessive temperature and pressure. Therefore, we need to understand clearly some points for attention in use. The heat transfer jacket for temperature reduction and cooling of the reaction kettle is generally made of common carbon steel, and is a container which is sleeved outside the barrel of the reactor to form a sealed space, so that the heat transfer jacket is simple and convenient. The jacket is provided with an inlet and an outlet for water vapor, cooling water or other heating and cooling media. (If the heating medium is water vapor, the inlet pipe shall be close to the upper end of the jacket, and the condensate shall be discharged from the bottom; if the heat transfer medium is liquid, the inlet pipe shall be placed at the bottom, and the liquid shall enter from the bottom and flow out from the top, so that the heat transfer medium can fill the whole jacket space. Sometimes, for larger vessels, in order to obtain better heat transfer effect, jacketed glass reactor ,wiped film evaporator, a spiral guide plate is installed in the jacket space to reduce the flow area of the fluid in the jacket, improve the flow speed of the fluid and avoid short circuit, but the structure is more complex. When the diameter of the kettle is large or the pressure of the heat transfer medium is high, the welded semi-circular spiral pipe or spiral angle steel structure is often used to replace the jacketed structure. In this way, not only the flow velocity of the heat transfer medium can be increased and the heat transfer effect can be improved, but also the compressive strength and rigidity outside the reactor can be improved. After the cooling operation of the reaction kettle, water cooling (exothermic reaction) or air cooling can be carried out. The needle valve system is sealed. Only by slightly rotating the valve needle and pressing the cover tightly, good sealing can be achieved. It is forbidden to use excessive force to avoid damaging the sealing surface. After the reaction is finished, cooling is firstly carried out, then the high-pressure gas in the kettle is released, the pressure is reduced to normal pressure, and then the bolts are symmetrically and equally unscrewed and disassembled. Special attention shall be paid to the protection of the sealing surface during the removal of the cover. After each cooling operation of the reaction kettle, the residues on the kettle body and the kettle cover shall be removed. All sealing surfaces on the reaction kettle shall be cleaned frequently and kept dry. It is not allowed to use hard objects or soft objects with rough surface for cleaning. The agitator shall be disassembled for cleaning. The height of the cooling jacket of the reactor is determined by the heat transfer area, which is determined by the process requirements. However, it should be noted that the height of the jacket is generally not lower than the height of the feed liquid, and it should be about 50 ~ 100 mm higher than the liquid level in the reactor to ensure sufficient heat transfer. Various types of reactors are available for reactor cooling, so users must select the model according to their own working conditions in the early stage of selection, so as to avoid the situation of too large or too small selection. This article source network,cbd crystallization equipment, if has the right infringement, please contact Wuxi crown Asia to delete, thanks. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com