Dark and Darker bard stands strumming on a lute

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If the Cleric isn’t for you, you can create one of every Dark and Darker class and level them up individually Dark And Darker Gold. When you find a class that suits your play style, you should find fellow players who use other classes to diversify your party.

The ranger, rogue, and barbarian just miss out on being the best Dark and Darker classes.

There are eight Dark and Darker classes to choose from:

Of all the Dark and Darker classes, the Barbarian is the toughest on the roster. They’re beefy melee experts who aren’t afraid to get up close and personal. While a Barbarian is competent with many weapon types, we recommend using a battle axe as their primary weapon, alongside the throwable Francisca axes you start the game with.

Barbarians are slow, and there’s no real way to improve their base speed. However, there are ways to buff the rest of the Barbarian’s key stats, focusing on strength, health recovery, and the impact power of your axe strikes.

Dark and Darker classes: a blonde, female Dark and Darker bard stands strumming on a lute.

A Bard uses music to confuse or entertain crowds of enemies, making them a strong support type character that excels at distract enemies. They can also heal their friends and give them temporary buffs, making them an excellent addition to any band of adventurers.

However, their noisy profession makes them one of the least stealthy classes. Bards are pretty tricky to master their core gameplay mechanics. Songs require them to pluck the correct notes by timing right mouse button presses. If you can overcome these challenges buy Dark And Darker Gold Coins, you may find them a highly effective alternative to other support-based classes.