Dark and Darker is an upcoming first-person action

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Ironmace attributes these allegations to false rumors spread by "a disgruntled third party" and that the Dark and Darker developer is handling the matter privately Dark And Darker Gold. The company representative also said it will not make any further statements about the allegations for the time being. Hopefully, this means that the controversy will not impact the development of the highly anticipated Dark and Darker. Still, it may be too soon to predict how the situation will shake out.

Dark and Darker is in development for PC.

Dark and Darker Devs Deny Using Stolen Assets and Code

Dark and Darker developer Ironmace denies the recent allegations that the studio uses stolen assets and code in its upcoming dungeon crawler.

The developers of the first-person dungeon crawler Dark and Darker officially deny using stolen code and assets in the upcoming game. This denial comes after a Korean gaming news site published a story alleging that indie developer Ironmace plagiarized content from the team's previous employer.

Dark and Darker is an upcoming first-person action RPG dungeon crawler developed by freshman studio Ironmace. Teams of adventurers explore the labyrinthine depths, gathering loot and surviving hazards, including other players, until a portal opens, allowing them to escape. The game doesn't have a precise release date yet, but its most recent open beta test proved to be a massive hit when it went live earlier this month, propelling Dark and Darker to the top of the Steam charts. While it is Ironmace's first game buying Dark And Darker Gold, the team behind it clearly has no shortage of game development experience.