The official road is boundless by Regan

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This oversight was undeserved. Anli suggested that Dong Xiaohan's suspicion could not be lifted in any case, especially that she and Chen Feng must be investigated as soon as possible. That afternoon, Su Jing came to the Huanwen Mansion where Chen Feng was.

Sodner coffee is the first-class coffee in Changzhou, the taste of Arabica coffee, Lu Weimin is not clear, this seems to be only the elite gentlemen of the upper class and leisure to ponder the emotional appeal, for him is of little significance, but many people always like to use this so-called style to flaunt their superiority, so Lu Weimin does not like it here. Although he has been here before. Stirring the coffee spoon, Lu Weimin glanced around. Petty bourgeoisie sentiment makes many people flock here, but it is also not in line with the taste of some groups. The expensive factor also makes the business here not very good. Some people like to come here for a drink in the morning and feel the ethereal feeling of "white clouds for thousands of years" brought by the gentle water waves of Changjiang River flowing slowly here. Some people like to sit here in the afternoon to appreciate the boating style on the river "in the storm", and some people prefer to come here at night. Whisper and enjoy the warmth and sweetness. Do you mean that Aunt Yan will definitely be sentenced? Is there no other way? Yu Lai's eyes became a little eager, holding the coffee cup tightly in both hands. Now the case has entered the proceedings, I estimate that there will be a result soon. According to the analysis and research results of lawyers, it is unlikely to take the innocent defense. There are several charges with sufficient evidence, which is difficult to overturn. Fortunately, the value is not big, and the plot is not bad. So the best way out is to take the road of striving for a light sentence, which is more sure. Lu Weimin saw Yu Lai so concerned, slightly surprised, but on second thought,Ceramic Band Heater, Yan Yongshu and Yu Lai's family had been in contact, but Yu Lai this woman character is too independent and tough, and unwilling to accept Yan Yongshu's help, the relationship between the two families will cool down, now Yan Yongshu down and out, Yu Lai naturally also want to find a way to return. The meaning of a light sentence is that it will definitely be sentenced. Aunt Yan is so old, and she has been pampered for so many years. Can she endure it? Yu Lai is very anxious. I'm afraid she has to endure even if she can't endure,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and I think she has been detained for so long, and her complexion is passable. The prison authorities will consider the sentencing of cadres like them. Lu Weimin comforted the other side. Can we try to get medical parole after Aunt Yan is sentenced? Aunt Yan is not in good health, has a lot of illness, and now the spirit is stimulated, in case. So I think if you want to get medical parole, you should be able to do it. Yu Lai suggested. Lu Weimin glanced at the woman with a half-smile. "Others may be able to do it, but Yan Yongshu's goal is too big. Many people stare at her and want to be released on medical parole. It's not so easy. Officialdom is like Jianghu. You should know that she fell down not just because of her own problems, right?" Yu Lai's face changed slightly, biting his lips, and his chest rose and fell a little. The snow-blue long-sleeved shirt wrapped the woman's bulging body exquisitely. Under the ups and downs, even the breasts protected by the bra were particularly attractive. I know, but you have a plan, don't you? If you can get her out on bail in the first place, Ceramic Bobbin ,ceramic bobbin element, then you can definitely get her out on medical parole. "Two different things, bail pending trial is only a change of compulsory measures, as long as I am not harmful to society, there is no problem, medical parole is the power of the prison, the nature is different." Lu Weimin shook his head. I don't care. I just think you can do it. Yu Lai's eyes were sharp and he stared at Lu Weimin. "You and Xiaoting are friends. You should help her." How do you know I didn't help her? It's only in my power to help her. I'm not God. Lu Weimin said coldly. But I don't think you did your best. Yu Lai was not moved by Lu Weimin's cold tone. Lu smiled for the people. "Do you think my patience is boundless?"? Can anyone listen to me? "I'm sure you can do it. Even the people called by Wang Xiaotao can listen to you. You can also do it for Aunt Yan." Yu Lai's tone softened a little, and then stiffened again. He showed no sign of weakness and said, "Unless you didn't intend to do your best to help Xiaoting from the beginning, you must do your best to help your friends, instead of just wanting to do a little work, then you are not a true friend.". ” Lu Weimin actually has a kind of speechless feeling, this woman's mouth is really fierce, the analysis of human nature is so sharp, "Yu Lai, you are right, I will try my best, but I will not do anything beyond the legal principles." "Legal principles?"? Is there any legal principle now? Yu Lai asked fiercely. Perhaps legal principles are being trampled on in many cases, but we can't deny the existence of this point. If we all do this, we will be no different from those who trample on them. Lu Weimin said calmly, "I promise that if Yan Yongshu's body is really in line with the situation of medical parole, I will try my best to help her. Shuang Ting is my friend, and I promise her the same." Seemingly to ease the atmosphere of the quarrel between the two, Ji Wanru interrupted with a smile, "that county magistrate Lu, Lai Lai and you are also friends?" "Well, it depends on whether she thinks of me as a friend." Lu Weimin fought back with a smile, "the most basic thing between friends is to understand each other." When Yu Lai left to go to the bathroom, Ji Wanru smiled and said, "County Magistrate Lu, please forgive me. Lai Lai has been this fiery character since she was a child. She is aloof and stubborn, just like.." Like a rose full of thorns, anyone who comes near her may be pricked with blood? Or is it like a hedgehog, sensing danger, pricking up? Lu Weimin laughed, "nothing, this kind of person actually has no bad heart, but the character is too exposed, Ji Zong, you and Yu Lai have known each other for a long time?" "She and I were both children of the Song and Dance Troupe and classmates, and we grew up together, but later she.." Ji Wanru shook her head. "Later, when I went to college,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, she came out to work because of her family, but we were always in touch. Every time I came back, I was with her." 。