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Somebody on the side comments: "This fellow wants hapless,

Somebody on the side comments: "This fellow wants hapless, bump into who is not to bump into, want to bump into this evil star unexpectedly.". The famous king of fighting will fight with each other after two or three words of disagreement. "Yes, this guy has a background, and no one will deal with him even if he gets into trouble." The flat head looked back and stared, and the voice of the discussion immediately subsided. After listening to this information, Li Chang's mind turned quickly. This guy seems to be unwilling to give up, he wants to use force to force Ah Chang to yield, he can also use force to fight back, but although this method can keep nothing for a while, can not keep nothing for a lifetime, although he can not take his own what,large artificial blossom trees, but Ah Chang can not always follow his side, in case he wants to find Ah Chang revenge, what can he do? It's too late to talk about revenge after Ah Chang's accident. Li Chang put his hand on the wrist of the flat head. The flat head only felt that his wrist joint was numb and weak. He was pulled down by Li Chang gently and skillfully. It was done quietly. Others thought it was the flat head who put down his hand, thinking how this guy changed his temper today. How much do you want to lose? Li Chang asked. The crew cut looked at Ah Chang's outfit. It was estimated that he could not take out too much. It was not important to him how much money he lost. The important thing was to save face in front of so many people. If you let your friends know that you have suffered some losses and you haven't even got the interest back, they will make fun of you. Five thousand yuan. The crowd was in an uproar and quickly covered their mouths. If you touch a little oil star,outdoor ficus tree, you will pay five thousand yuan for robbery! Section 87. Campus Anecdotes (5) Without saying a word, Chang took out a card from his pocket. I don't have so much cash on me. Will you go with me to withdraw money? Flat head looked at Li Chang in astonishment, he had planned that the other party would bargain, and finally charged one or two thousand yuan. I didn't expect this guy to say yes and meet a rich man? You go and get it. I'll wait for you here. He can't run away anyway if you run away. Flat head pointing to Ah Chang. Twenty minutes later, Li Chang came back and handed a thick envelope to the flat head. The flat head opened the envelope and looked at it. He put it into his pocket. He stood up and said to Ah Chang, "You're lucky. Your classmate helped you pay for it. You can walk with your eyes longer in the future." After the crew cut, some onlookers gathered around to express their grievances. Chang looked at Li Chang to speak and stop, Li Chang understood what he meant, the five thousand yuan he did not know when to be clear. Li Chang saw the mess in the canteen. It was not a place to talk. He finished his meal in a hurry and walked out of the canteen. Ge Lang immediately opened his mouth: "Li Chang, artificial grass panels ,artificial coconut palm trees, you really shouldn't have given him five thousand yuan. He opened his mouth like a lion. We can also pay back the money on the spot. A thousand yuan at most can solve the problem. Maybe a few hundred yuan is enough.". Damn it, you're taking us for a sucker. Li Chang said with a smile, "Let's lose money and avoid disaster.". This guy knows at a glance that he is a troublemaker, and there is no need to have the same experience as him. Chang, you can rest assured, this money does not want you to return, I will obediently let him return the money. It's true that Li Chang doesn't want Ah Chang to pay back the money. This last sentence is to comfort Ah Chang. Otherwise, although Ah Chang doesn't agree with his disposal method, the money will be returned to Li Chang anyway. He is the kind of person who is poor but has strong self-esteem. Ask him to pay back five thousand yuan. It is estimated that he will have to eat dried pickles this year. When Ye Zi was having dinner at home on Saturday, he complained that Li Chang, the major shareholder, was indifferent to the company's affairs and was the shopkeeper. He strongly urged him to come to work in the company at least once a week. Although Li Chang did not need to worry about the specific management of the company, he still needed Li Chang, the major shareholder, to nod in the direction of development and cooperation. This time is set for every Monday afternoon. Li Chang said goodbye to Ah Chang and Ge Lang, went to the parking lot of the school, and drove a BMW to Ye's company. Li Chang usually doesn't drive to school. Today, because I had to go out, it was inconvenient to have no car, so I drove out. Coincidentally, when Li Chang got on the bus, he was seen by the flat head, and he was also in the parking lot. Looking out from his own Elantra, Li Chang's BMW is particularly eye-catching. I didn't think this guy was really rich and drove a BMW to school. Could it be the son of the rich merchant? Maybe you can ask him for some pocket money. This guy is so timid that he has to send the money up as long as he frightens him. The poor boy who soiled his clothes has lost interest in him. Had it not been for the afternoon, the crew really wanted to follow the white BMW to see where he was going and find out his background. But Dad has said in advance that there will be a business negotiation this afternoon. It's a very big list. Dad wants to take him out to see it. Dad's future property is his own, so now Dad pays attention to cultivating himself. Several golden signboards of Yunteng Group were shining in the sunshine, and Li Chang walked into the building. The receptionist changed again, but still didn't know herself, so she had to call the leaf. You're just in time. There's a contract to be negotiated this afternoon. Let's listen to it. The leaf said to Li Chang who walked into the office. You sent me on a business trip as soon as you came here, and you didn't let me rest? Li Chang walked into the office and looked around. "I heard you have good coffee here. Help me make a cup." "Heard?"? Listen to who? It's not the cup I made for you last time. Look at this contract and these materials first. Formal negotiations at two o'clock. It's ten past one. You have forty minutes to get familiar with the situation. The leaf handed Li Chang a pile of documents. I'm going back to the office. You ask the pretty secretary to bring me the coffee. I don't understand. Why do you put such a beautiful female secretary beside you? Zhang Xiao is not jealous? "*** you." The leaf picked up the paperweight on the table and made a gesture to smash it. Li Chang fled back to his office and immediately plunged into the middle of these materials. One fifty. Li Chang went out to go to the bathroom,large ficus tree, and when he came out, he saw an acquaintance. Ha ha, what a coincidence! He just met at noon. It's a small world. Li Chang looked at the flat head and smiled sarcastically.