Mr. Lu's Feeling--Mu Shui Xi

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"I think you're hungry." Chuci took the phone with a smile

"I think you're hungry." Chuci took the phone with a smile and pressed the answer button directly: "What's the matter?" "Sister Chuci, I have arrived at the hotel. Let's have breakfast together later and then go to the crew." Yan Xiao is more outrageous than Chu Ci, in order to be able to stay with Mu Yan, he actually took the plane at two o'clock in the morning, and just entered the hotel with his broker. Chu Ci put the lipstick in his hand on the dressing table and pursed his lips. "You didn't just come here, did you?" "I don't want to give up Mu Yan, so I took the plane at two o'clock in the morning. All right, I'm going to get on the elevator. I'll see you later." Hanging up the phone, Yan Xiao pinched his eyebrows wearily, and the broker next to him whispered with a pair of black eyes, like saying to himself: "I don't know what trick Mu Yan gave you, which made you so inseparable that you had to take a plane in the middle of the night. I'm so sleepy now that I'm about to go out of my body." "How can a single dog with low EQ like you understand such a thing as love? I'll give you half a day off later and stay in the hotel to catch up on sleep." "Forget it, I'll follow you." …… In the restaurant of the hotel, Yan Xiao picked up the soybean milk on the table and took a sip: "Sister Chuci, your husband called me yesterday to ask about the actors in the crew." "Well, he's so stingy that he won't let me do the kissing scene." Yan Xiao nodded with empathy: "Mu Yan also said such a thing." Sitting next to Su Yan pouted, in the heart silently for their own late step and regret, how can such a good male God become someone else's boyfriend? Chuci smiled and took a bite of the sandwich. "I'll have to talk to the director about the kiss scene later and see if I can borrow it." Yan Xiao "ha ha" after two openings: "estimated enough hanging, the director has cooperated with you to delete the other intimate scenes, leaving such a kiss, you still want to borrow?" "I'm just going to ask later. It's best to borrow a seat. If not, I can't help it." After dinner, everyone went to the crew together. Today, the opening ceremony will be held. All the actors are present. The film is made by Chu Ci and Xiao Ming. Yan Xiao is also starred by a third-tier actress Yao Kexin. 。 After saying hello to everyone, Yan Xiao went to Chuci's side and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: "This Yao Kexin was forced on Director Wang by the producer. I don't know what's going on between them."? Otherwise, with her acting skills that can't hold up the wall, Director Wang said she wouldn't use anything. Chuci is not surprised at all. There are many female stars in the entertainment circle who are caught up with the hidden rules. They all want to be popular and crazy. He is very good-looking, but it's a pity that his acting skills have not been online. Yan Xiao nodded approvingly, and before he could speak, the broker came to call the two of them, saying that he was about to prepare for the opening ceremony and asked them to hurry over. Chapter 1013 long time no see. Chuci and Yan Xiao walked toward the director. Yao Kexin had already talked to Director Wang courteously. When she saw Chuci coming, Director Wang put down the mineral water in his hand and walked over with a smile: "Your husband called me in the morning and told me to take good care of you. You are married to the right person." Chuci didn't expect Fu Bin to call Director Wang. She went to Director Wang with a smile on her lips and asked in a low voice, White Marble Slabs ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "My husband didn't ask for anything too much, did he?" Chuci refers to the kissing scene. Director Wang nodded his head as if something had happened: "Mr. Fu made a request to me, and I reluctantly agreed. You two." Chuci looked at Director Wang with a little surprise. I didn't expect that he would agree: "Thank you, Director Wang." Standing next to Yao Kexin, she held out her hand to Chuci with a smiling face: "Sister Chuci, I'm glad to be able to work with you this time. Please give me more advice." Chuci stretched out his right hand and shook Yao Kexin's hand in midair. "It's out of the question. I'm glad to meet you." Before that, Chuci did not know Yao Kexin at all, and the two had not cooperated. She could not know every artist in such a large entertainment group. "Hello, brother Xiao, you can call me Kexin in the future." Yao Kexin painted delicate makeup eyebrows slightly up, the corners of the mouth outlined a good-looking smile, in front of the two people, one is a movie queen, one is a popular idol star, she naturally has to take the initiative to say hello, after all, in the entertainment industry is very important to do a good job in interpersonal relationships. Yan Xiao nodded politely: "Hello." Director Wang looked down at the watch on his wrist: "It's almost time. Let's go there first." "Good." Several people followed Director Wang to the prepared table. Director Wang personally lifted the red cloth on the table, and everyone burned incense together. Many reporters came to their opening ceremony specially. Director Wang and the actors were very cooperative to let reporters take pictures. After attending the opening ceremony, everyone entered the group to start shooting. In the dressing room, Chuci was having a video with Fu Bin, and the makeup artist next to him couldn't help saying, "Sister Chuci, your husband is really handsome." Chuci smiled and looked up at the makeup artist in the mirror. "He will be proud if you say so." The Fu Bin in video is to hear this word naturally, he closes the file on the desk: "Wife, your staff member has eyesight very much really." Hearing Fu Bin's clear voice, Yao Kexin, who was sitting next to Chuci, turned sideways and his whole face appeared in the video. Fu Bin's face became solemn in an instant, but it was only fleeting. Long time no see. Yao Kexin's face, painted with makeup, was filled with a brilliant smile. Fu Bin just nodded coldly, then looked at Chuci: "Wife, I will take my daughter to visit your class in a few days, and Manman and Xiaoxi said they would come together." Out of the corner of his eye, Chuci glanced at Yao Kexin and said,Granite Slab Supplier, "Well, I'll ask Su Yan to pick you up." "Remember to eat and sleep on time, and I miss you." "I know." Hang up the phone Chuci looked at Yao Kexin through the mirror: "Do you know my husband?" "Fu Bin and I have known each other for a long time. You are so happy to marry such a man." 。