They said the young martial uncle was possessed by the devil.

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Jingyang palace immediately busy, things suddenly no preparation, but such a big event, the house of internal affairs is not not to serve, the conferring ceremony gold book gold seal and other things of course is not the two days, but Jingyang palace immediately to hang red, get up and sit

"It's your brother's." Yi Renxiu's voice was a little hoarse, and he did not look back, avoiding the eyes of Yi Wushuang. Elder brother Yi Wushuang repeated in surprise that in his memory, he and his sister were undoubtedly the eldest son and daughter of the Yi family, and there should be no brother above them. …… He couldn't be born. Yi Renxiu held the handle on the cabinet door and looked at the baby's clothes in the cabinet. His eyes finally fell on the longevity lock. "It was your mother's first pregnancy. We were so happy at that time that we prepared a lot of things for him." But Miyuan didn't get through it in the end, and it didn't work in the end. Yi Wushuang heard a smattering of knowledge: "Father, why didn't my brother get through it?" "Perhaps he was too clever to come." Yi Renxiu finally closed the door. "It's not necessarily a blessing to be born as my child. He may have understood this early." At that age, Yi Wushuang did not understand what this meant, but he faintly felt that his father, who was always happy and angry, seemed very sad at this moment. I'll get my sister back. Yi Wushuang touched the cabinet door and swore, "I made my sister disappear. My sister must still be waiting for me to find her. I dreamed of my sister again yesterday. I dreamed of her in an alley." I haven't seen where it is. She seems to be doing rough work, but she ignores me no matter how I call her. "Matchless, go out." Yi Renxiu was slightly stunned, and then quickly returned to his usual appearance. He took Yi Wushuang's hand and pulled him out without refusal. "Your grandfather is looking for you. You go first. I'll go and see if Lian Que's fever has subsided." Father, why is Lian Que always sick? He talked nonsense for a long time last night,Automated warehouse systems, saying that he wanted to go home or something, but he was at home. "At my age, I often had a fever and talked nonsense." Yi Renxiu did not answer directly, "don't worry, Lian Que will be all right." …… When Yi Wushuang opened his eyes, he saw his father's familiar face, not far away,industrial racking systems, looking at him quietly, just like what he had seen in his dream. He was in a trance for a moment, mistakenly thinking that he was still trapped in the dream of his youth and did not wake up. But the burning sensation in his chest made him quickly open his eyes again, look at the human form in front of him, and laugh at himself: "Is it a demon again?" The man in front of him still looked at him and said nothing. Yi Wushuang also did not open his mouth, but the sound of breathing was a little heavy, so silent for a long time, he suddenly realized that the eyes of the man in front of him, stay in the position of his chest magic lines. He was almost an excited spirit, waking up suddenly from the long chaos of almost indistinguishable time, and the figure in front of him was still there, pallet rack shelving ,teardrop pallet racking, not suddenly dissipated or distorted as in the past. As in memory, even here and now, he was still wearing a white robe, which was not so easy to ignore in the dim moonlight. …… It's you. With hindsight, he finally realized what had happened. It took a little effort for Yi Wushuang to raise his head from the shackles of the chains and cast his eyes behind the man he once knew and admired, who was empty and did not see his sister. So, he couldn't have come to save himself. Yi Wushuang then closed his eyes and turned his head sideways. The last time he saw this man was in front of Yi's house. When the car carrying him out of Yi's house drove out of the back door, he saw the man's figure there. He was almost dead at that time, but he still remembered the message sent by the man at that time: "If you don't know where to go, go to Xuanshan, where you may find the news of Yingzi." Yi Wushuang closed his eyes again and did not intend to continue to recall what had happened too long ago. He vaguely remembered that during the day, Huang Ji seemed to have come. He was not quite sane at that time, but he vaguely heard what Huang Ji had said. It seems that the empty cicada temple has been broken, but unfortunately the owner of the nine-leaf lotus has not been caught. However, Master Puming, the abbot of the Empty Cicada Temple, has been brought to the prison. When he sobers up, he can meet Master Puming. Yi Wushuang opened his eyes again and said lightly to the front, "Master Abbot is not here. I don't remember seeing him. If you want to find him, you should go to the secret prison in the southeast." He still did not call the other father, and the man was still standing there. The head of the Xiling Xungui Yi family, the earthly Xiuzhen two people are respectfully called a Renxiu childe, even if the night trip to this prison is still wearing the usual clothes, never a little hidden man, so standing there, looking at his eldest son's chest eight and a half magic lines. So Yi Wushuang laughed, and the laughter was a little sad because of the hoarse throat: "What are you waiting for?"? Are you really waiting for the last magic line to melt and for me to be possessed? Like I said, I'm not obsessed. "Amitabha." The sound of the name of the Buddha came from the darkness beside Yi Wushuang. Yi Wushuang stopped laughing and turned his head with difficulty. He saw the monk in the blood-stained cassock sitting quietly not far away, with his hands folded, as if praying. Abbot? "Huang Ji, the leader of the prison, said that the poor monk should come to see you. The poor monk thought that was true." Yi Wushuang turned his head again and looked at Yi Renxiu's face, failing to see any change in expression. He did come to rescue the abbot, so judging from the meaning of these words, it should be the abbot's meaning that they made a detour to appear here. I have come to confess my sins to you. Ninety years ago, the poor monk became greedy. Pu Ming's voice sounded a little vicissitudes of life. For a moment, Yi Wushuang felt that this should not be the voice of a monk. "When the son of Yi Renxiu in Xiling came to Kongchan Temple and asked the poor monk for a way to renew the life of the fetus in his wife's abdomen, the poor monk asked a question at that time. I asked the son whether the fetus could not be saved because of his talent or his lack of talent." Yi Wushuang has always been silent,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, but when he was half possessed, he looked particularly relaxed. He was not completely unaware of the matter of the nine-leaf lotus. His bright red eyes narrowed slowly, showing a strange smile: "Master is a person who practices Buddhism. I heard that Buddha saves all living beings and all living beings are equal. I don't know that Master's Buddhism is this equal method." 。